My MOM : “Atleast on an auspicious day like this, why don’t you wake up early and have a bath??”

This is one statement that rebukes me on the morning of every Shivrathri, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, the nine Navrathri days, Deepavali and the like. But never on a Christmas or Ramzan or Easter… So what exactly is the criterion for a day to be auspicious and good??

A bud that blooms into a flower, the dew drops that twinkle brighter than diamonds when struck by the first rays of the sun before they melt to give the leaves a bath, the chirp of the birds that greet our ears before the vehicles start honking, the yawn that deserts our face when the sun shooes it away with his rays, the refreshing aroma of th tea leaves that boil to make the water a golden brown………..are these not the beauty of what we call a ‘day’ ??

Doesn’t every day dawn the same way? Or is it that on a so called ‘auspicious’ day, the sun rises from the West, birds sit tightlipped, flowers dont bloom and the rooster refuses to cock-a-doodle-do?? Ok, so maybe the same rooster doesn’t wake us up everyday, but other than that, isn’t every ‘day’ more or less the same, yet beautiful?
So coming back to my mom’s questioning rebuke…what exactly makes a day ‘auspicious’??

Actually, folks, (mom, you are included too) ……..

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