Are You Indian Enough To Read This???

Yesterday, I had gone to visit my granddad who had returned from Australia (regret to mention that he didnt bring me anything! rude, isn’t it? hehe..) And he was relating the differences between here and there… true…Australia is a much developed nation…not fair to compare, right?? But then… what on earth were we all up to all these 60 years since the GREAT GRAND INDEPENDENCE??
Anyway… after all that discussion, generally people would become gloomy at the sorry state we are in !! But I rather felt we are a funny lot…all of us Indians… Taking for Granted is our motto… and that is one motto we ardently stick to…

Ever noticed how we must strain to read the ‘Do Not Spit Here’ boards because of all the spit that is covering it?? Hehe…having to advertise such a board at a public place is shame enough…and to have to struggle to read it??? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we crib at the lack of ‘better’ facilities at public places but use the ones available as if its been provided individually for each of us and misuse it to a sorry state?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we frown at tho omnipresent spit on the road, wonder which ******* did it and then do the same because the sight makes us puke?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we all complain of the corrupt politicians and their horrid governance?? And then elect and re-elect them every time just so that the party we dislike don’t come to power?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we gape in awe at the beauty and cleanliness of the European countries and still strew our garbage everywhere around other than in the public garbage bins… and then swear at the Corporation about the stench?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we daily curse the pedestrians for walking ‘on the road’ and still jam park our cars and two-wheelers on the footpath, leaving them no other choice?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how organized, disciplined and full of civic sense we are when we reside in a Singapore or a Middle East nation or elsewhere, do not litter their surroundings, do not abuse fellow citizens and never try to get corrupted…but then inevitably do all this when we return to India?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we curse all the people who use public toilets and the stench they leave…and then leave without flushing out our contributions just because the previous user wasn’t sport enough to do that?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we scorn the poor law and order system, shower the officers with sarcasm… yet slip a couple of Gandhi heads into their pockets to ease ourselves out when booked for public speeding, jumping the red light or smoking in public?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we pride ourselves on being a secular nation and yet find ourselves filling a column on our caste/religion in every single application available in th country?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how people abhor being referred to by the name of their low caste, yet doesnt mind being given priority based on that status when jobs or any selections are concerned; or how people enjoy being a high caste… yet hates it when they lose preference to the lower caste ones?? Atrocious!
Ever noticed how we always blame our fellow citizens, the government and even the rest of the whole wide world for the under-developed state of our nation, but always finds the excuse “I alone cant change the system” and continue to do nothing about it?? Atrocious!

Well, for that matter…………. Ever noticed how people like me (and you) write up such huge articles, publish it, expect people to become enlightened but we ourselves never do anything about it?? Atrocious!

So then I guess I better stop…but hey people out there, the next time you offer a vote to our ‘Leaders’, ask them if they would consider replacing ‘India’ wid ‘Cucumber City’… hehe… I shall get some limelight then… what say??

By the way, dont drag me to court for offending the nation’s name, all right?? I believe there is a mention of something like “freedom of expression” in our Constitution…studied it in Civics in Std 8…hehe…anyway, I was just using that…no offense, folks!!!

Be a Proud Indian…Help India Progress !! And then, enjoy life !!

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14 thoughts on “Are You Indian Enough To Read This???

  1. Well written points! I had all these points in my mind when I was writing my post too! We always crib that he/she is like this, society is like that, but often forget that WE are that society! And it’s not fair to compare India with other countries…because for its huge population! But, we still have a lot of scope for improving our lives!!


  2. I remember reading a very similar article…written by Abdul kalam. It came in the wake of the CWG negative media publicity. Basically the article is like a slap in the face…wake up and smell the coffee kind of thing… first take a look at ourselves and then start pointing fingers…
    I totally agree on that bit…


  3. Comparing one nation to the other is never going to work….its all in the minds of ppl, to work towards a change and that too a positive one. But we do have our set of ppl, who curbs all these changes and they out number the others now. When this equation changes, we’ll be the best. 🙂

    I am proud to be an Indian. 🙂 After reading Shantaram, my affirmation have just grown. The big heart of ppl around the slums and the ppl below the poverty line….one affectionate word and how they do anything for you….you dont find such undisputed love anywhere. Probably its our strength and our weakness too. The others take this weakness to their advantage and hurt us…and thats when these loving souls learn to be manipulative or to do unwanted things.

    Yes, its a joint effort…not left to one Indian to resolve all these…and the joint efforts may take so many years to bear some fruit…becos of our nation’s size and the no of ppl living here, its difficult to make things happen fast. Yet, lets take that first step near our home and start doing our bit.

    Very good post, Priya. 🙂


      • Agree with all you’ve said, Ums 🙂
        And lol…this did not come up in your reader. I posted this link in Anu’s comment section. Guess you guys took this from thr…
        OR…maybe it did come coz i updated it…the font sizes were looking funny. so i rectifies tht…maybe thts how 😀


  4. I prefer doing my bit rather than cribbing abt whatz wrong !?! The sad thing is that there r ppl who r dng a lot of gud for the country too, like the people working to take education to every remote village! But the media just does nt project them and we never get to know.


    • i agree with you. And honestly, i do a lot of such stuff. What irks me is the way ppl roll eyes when they see me do it, indicating “you alone wont change a thing”! That’s why I say we take for granted.

      Like you said, none of the good ever surfaces, do they? It’s always the negatives that are blown up.

      But well, i seriously do think doing your own bit also makes that ‘teeny weeny’ impact! 🙂


  5. swaram has a point.. two of seniors who were working in Infy quit and joined some NGO where they are now teaching poor children in villages .. ..
    I think this is the type of initiation that is required from each individual .. nothing’s gonna change overnight .. people have started to think and realize. It might take some time to change but it would 🙂


    • Yes. She has a very valid point. Like I said thr as well, i seriously do think doing your own bit also makes that ‘teeny weeny’ impact! And that we all should be ready to do…instead of expecting others to!


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