Which kinda friend?

There are different kinds of them…there are best friends…there are good friends…there are school friends…college friends…there are chat friends (and nowadays ‘orkut’ friends)…there are colleague-friends…then there are ‘sunny-day’ friends…well, there are many kinds….but the best of the lot are those friends who were once people you either never noticed, detested, assumed they werent your kind, thought were losers…or just considered ‘not my type…’—until, on a sudden sunny day, they become so attached to you…and actually surprise you by sticking close even when it rains!

I have such a friend…the studious guy that he had always been, all through my school days (for 5 long years, in fact), i thought he was just not my kind…was just too reserved…and would never gel into ‘my gang’…

But i was so very wrong ! When—after 3 years of graduation, another year of post graduation and yet another long year of sitting-at-home-with-nothing-to-do—i chanced upon this school-mate of mine on the net, i was surprised, pleasantly shocked and happily content that i’d found someone, whom anyone who knows me would have thought had been my best friend all through my life ! !

In 5 days, we discussed about things in our life which we wouldnt have spoken about 5 years back ! A lot of silly stuff, interspersed with some serious things…anyways, after many days of talking and many more surprises, i finally had to admit i was glad that we ‘met’ again after such a long time…i could be ‘just myself’ when i talked to him…(well, i can be that with a lot of other people…but i never thought it would happen with this guy)…i could discuss things that i would dare not with some of my “best friends”…but they are my “best friends”…in a different way…

I have realised that even to your “best friends”, you cant say everything…and if they make fun of you, you cant complain…its just that one needs to categorise friends into different roles…and categorise the topics of discussion too…because every person is a different individual, and just being your friend will not make him/her your twin soul and all that! (Cant say how many of you will agree to this…but ultimately, that’s how it works!)

Anyways, even on your happiest day, when you ‘discover’ a friend who had always been there, the day just lights up immensely ! Thanks for such a day, mannsurya ! 😉

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