Damn difficult to “have a life” !

Whoever coined the phrase “have a life” had no relatives and friends. Thankfully (for him/her)! You know what I mean? Everyone has an opinion on anything and everything you do…while you just try being a ‘non-everyone’ by trying to live your life happily without treading on anyone’s life. And sometimes, even that’s a mistake: “Why aren’t you calling on me/us?” “Why don’t you at least tell me/us before taking decisions?” “I/We know you don’t care for my/our opinion, but still…” “I/We really think you should involve yourselves in others a bit…be human.” And some other times: “What do you think I/we should do?” (“Its your life, i have no idea”; “But don’t you have any concern??”) And at others: “You stay out of what I/we do; don’t tell me when I/we can and cannot interfere in things” (“even if it means interrupting your life!”).

Well, its funny at times…you actually start wondering who you are and whom your life belongs to. If I care for my feelings and happiness, does it make me selfish? Ok…then if/when I care more for others and their happiness, how do I become a duffer-with-no-individuality ? 😐 Wierd, I say. Well, right now, am going through such a situation…half of I am selfish; the other half (or so it will appear to the ‘others’) has no individuality! And as always, that leaves me confused: what do I do?

Any suggestions, readers ?? Willing to individualistically implement them and unselfishly share the results (as long as you dont find it ‘tiresome’ to suggest.


5 thoughts on “Damn difficult to “have a life” !

  1. Wow! you finally made the jump to WP..!! πŸ˜€
    Congrats and welcome!!! πŸ˜€
    And you can now safely say that “you have a life”..!!! the best way to avoid irritating comments like the one you’ve mentioned in the post is to just be indifferent.. πŸ˜€


  2. @Nikhil
    Hehe…thanks…and indifference doesnt work much…esp when its from a gal πŸ˜€ thay say its bad attitude and blame the parents fr horrid upbringing…all i cud say is WTF and who cares!


  3. @Scorpria – Just flash that smile always when people blame your parents. All you should care about is your parents and closed ones & what they think about you. Rest – WTF! Btw, smile + patience works wonders! My sweet mallu frnd told me πŸ™‚


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