countdown to 21 June!

an exciting plan…a bunch of enthused friends…100+ excited mails…fixing of dates…fixing of venues…crosschecking availabilities and conveniences…and the countdown to June 21! 🙂

there were 15 of us in our PR&Ad class in college—5 guys and 11 gals…OK…wrong math…

there were 16 of us in our PR&Ad class in college—5 guys and 11 gals—and one year of togetherness: the joys, the suspension (!!), the unity, the rifts, the support, the quarrels, the fun-times, the bitching (fun again!), the backstabbing, the strong friendships, the new relations, the joys…well, life’s a full circle!

In a college predominant with north Indian students, ours had been the only class with an only-Keralites population! Though we were all 16 totally different people—in the true sense of the word ‘totally’—probably because of the ‘spirit-of-the-Malayali’, we had a strange unity which was lacking in all the other courses/classes taken together!! And so, even when we got suspended (for bunking our half term exams!), all 16 of us were in it together! (Actually, no…there was one guy who didn’t; but we managed to get him dismissed forever! The things people do in colleges!!)

It was a strange year…that one year at SCMS. Within a small group of just 15 (not wrong math…remember one went off forever?), we somehow managed to have the number of ‘issues’ and quarrels you’d actually expect from a group of 50! Within the class, most of us had problems with the other; but between us and the college management, we were one! Between one group of friends and the other, there were never-ending troubles; but between us and the rest of the students in that college, we were one! Even after college, rifts between individuals continued; but when it came to a meet-up after two loooong years, we were all game!

Of this 15, though only 13 were invited (along with their spouses/future-spouses) for The Meet (TM henceforth 😀 ). Of that 13, one was in Bahrain, one in Dubai, one in Chennai, one in Hyderabad, four in Kochi, and the remaining five in Bangalore. Since “majority wins” is a universally accepted slogan, we decided TM should happen at Bangalore…the dates 21 and 22 June were blocked in everyone’s calendar…and awww…the excitement that went into it…

Jaya started the mail-threads…telling everyone to gear up • Gulfu took charge of booking the venue • Leena and I contributed to the mails…doesn’t cost anything to motivate people, does it? • We fought with Manju—for saying she might not be able to come because of a company review (and gave her sound advices: there are a million other companies you can get into, but friends like us, there’s jus us!) • We implored Raju, who’d come from Dubai for a short stay with his folks, to extend his visa up to 25th • Biju, as always, was game—any day, any time, any place: just tell him and he’ll be there! • We told Poornima to make sure tickets from Bahrain are booked well in advance…and to even pre-pone her university viva if possible 😀 , so that she can make it to India! • We told Siji to make sure her 3-month old baby is all fine—and make it for TM • We told Rakhi to ditch her first film’s music launch (she’s a singer) and come over to Bangalore • We told Deepti to book flights from Hyderabad to and from Bangalore for at least one day (since her dad wasn’t too happy with the idea of sending her over for ‘a weekend’) • Breeze had her MBA exams going on…and was all teary-eyed (we’re sure) for missing out on the fun! • Merlin is always waiting for a chance to escape from the heat of Chennai…she doesn’t need any coaxing!

the thrilling plan…13 enthused friends…100+ excited mails…fixing 21 and 22 June…fixing venue—a jungle resort (!?)…crosschecking availabilities and conveniences…and the countdown to June 21…until it all boiled down to nothing!

It never happened…hehe…yes, you read it right, it never happened!!! We are still that same group of 16—well, 13 according to the new statistic—13 totally different individuals; though as a group we were all excited and united, guess within everyone (knowing each other as well as we do) there was a guarantee that it’d finally be all smoke and no fire! 😀

It’s always like this…when we do/plan something with all excitement, especially if it is well in advance, like a much-awaited film; a highly anticipated trip; a dress given at the tailor, which you are so looking forward to get back (this happens to me every single time, damn!); anything, anything at all that you are hopeful of—Murphy is sure to mark his attendance!!! But well, we are all still positive…we still hope…we still anticipate; and so I’m still hopeful we will have TM someday, won’t we, friends? Unless 13 is that bad a number!! 😉 (It’s good to always have a back-up excuse; let’s point fingers at 13!)

I dedicate this post to all members of the SCMS PR&A—2005-06 batch! 🙂

11 thoughts on “countdown to 21 June!

  1. If this meet up happened , then we would no longer be the same PR & A group (never been in the right place at the right time.)….
    Well, as you said “we are all still positive…we still hope…we still anticipate; and so I’m still hopeful we will have the TM someday” , the same i say…but hey dont point fingers on the No 13, coz i was born also on a 13th Friday…i consider myself to be lucky and thankful to get such a good bunch of friends….( well tat s all crap; anyways)…

    Hop’n for a meet up soon ….


  2. I nvr exptd this frm u ,hw cum u remember so much!:p .hmm may be after seeing god. Kollam gud june 21st next yearum undalo,eppolengilum ellavarkum meet cheyam Hopng da reply for this wnt be ‘who r u?’


  3. Awww… Sorry your meet couldn’t happen… It so frustrating when classmates ditch such events! I have been trying to get all my old classmates together for a long long time and no one seems to be remotely interested… 🙂


  4. @Merlin
    “If this meet up happened , then we would no longer be the same PR & A group (never been in the right place at the right time)”
    hehehe…how right…se this is why i said we all kno each other soooo well 😉

    eda…nee enne kaliyaakkanda adhikam…ninakk tarzan aavanamee aagraham nadannilla ennathum nalla ormayondenikk

    Well, even i’m damn intrsted in knowing wen its gonna happen 😀

    hehehe…these are some of the impossible things in life 😀


  5. shld hav myt hav happnd…but it nvr did…
    ;p)but we all still beliv (all 13 of us) in all our differences and all our indifferences too tat this will hpppn smeday…


  6. This ALMOST ALWAYS happens with me
    When we all plan an outing nicely, looking up for info on how to get there, on where to stay, and everything … It never happensss..!!
    And instant plans that are made sooon after college, after a really boring lecture … actually work out !!!!

    BTW, how did u manage to get people from across the country to come for the meet?? I mean, its a different thing dat it didnt happen but even then .. !! That’s really gr8 !!


  7. @jayya
    Yes…that’s the best thing about us…we are all so hopeful 😀

    I kno exactly wot yu mean…we planned a looooot, but never managed to go tu th theme park some 30 kms frm our college; but over a cup of coffee, we planned and came off tu blore for a weekend, once–all the way from Kerala!!

    well, it wasnt even ppl frm across tht country…from th midle east too! tho i never happened, we had a lot of excitement over the mails!


  8. I know…Murphy is such a B#&%^&…I have never got anything that I expect too much..and I guess that happens with everyone !!!

    Its ok, you can always plan another TM. and if u think 13 is an unlucky number, count me in 😀 (I can already hear mohanlals reply to srinivasans request in akkare-akkare-akkare “oooh vendaa” !)11 gals and 5 guys; did any of the guys actually study ???? 😀


  9. @Vimal

    Well would’nt mind counting you in at all…esp since yu will stay up all night and survive on no food! Oh yes, kurachu glucose karuthiyekkam 😛
    Well, actually none of us had much ‘study’ing going on…hehehe…we were busy fighting and rebelling against the management 😉


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