Indecisive—that’s the weirdest one can ever get.

Indecisive—that’s the weirdest one can ever get. Taking a decision, changing it, changing it again…and then changing it all over again! If it bothers ONLY you, I guess it’s not too bad…but if you chance to pull in others into the loop—forbidden!

How bad, do you feel, is it to keep changing one’s decision every 5th minute or so? Is that a disorder of sorts? Is it the kind of situation where one must seek medical help?

Do any of you suffer from this? If your answer is “no”, I guess I shall shortly make this world richer by one word: when a smart doctor puts my name for this syndrome! 😀

I can’t tell you how difficult it is for me to make a decision in life :D. I keep changing my decisions every now and then—I really do! No, I don’t do it because I think of possible consequences, become anxious and change it…I just do it as if it’s the most natural thing to do! I apparently have no qualms about it. And it never bothers me (yes, I do make sure I never cause anyone any trouble…I’m totally at home as long as I am happy about the ‘new’ (short-term though, it always will be) decision).

In the past one week, I’ve changed uncountable decisions, uncountable times!

An example: I decided to go home this weekend, booked a ticket from B’lore to Trivandrum, told my brother to book my return ticket…I even convinced my boss how absolutely important it is for me to be at home this weekend. Then I changed my mind! I convinced my parents why I can’t be at home this weekend. My brother cancelled the ticket. Then I changed my mind again. I went shopping for my parents, bought a whole lot of stuff (haven’t been home for 3 months now). Then I changed my mind again. I decided to courier all the gifts………………And well, after writing this much, I’ve now decided to go! All I have to do now is convince some damn person who’s already booked a ticket in one of those buses to cancel his/her trip (there’s no other way I’m going to get a return-ticket)!

My friends say it’s all due to my memory problem. They say I don’t actually “change my mind”, I just forget that I’d already “made up my mind”! 😛 I think that’s a very enlightening thought…and since it takes too much of an effort to ‘change’ yourself, I guess I shall remain so for the rest of my life.

P.S.: This post also intends to act as a warning to anyone who might tell me “But you said so that day!” 😀 I have a mind which has a mind of its own! 😀

18 thoughts on “Indecisive—that’s the weirdest one can ever get.

  1. @Scorpria – 🙂 I am sure 😀

    //And it never bothers me (yes, I do make sure I never cause anyone any trouble…I’m totally at home as long as I am happy about the ‘new’ (short-term though, it always will be) decision).
    — Not convinced about not causing trouble to anyone – if that was true, life would have been much easier to deal with!

    All the best, with whatever long term decisions you gonna make! The latest is always the best 😀 😛


  2. Changing minds are a sign of maturity… You know deep down that the decisions you have to take are no longer restricted to meager consequences… There can be a lot of fallout from any decision you make… You know what has to be done, but to get there, you have to constantly question yourself and your conviction in doing that… I think it’s perfectly normal… People who do not change their minds every now and then lead a boring, mundane, monotonous life… Such people and you are poles apart… 🙂


  3. U dont quite believe in sun signs as i deciphered from one of ur earlier posts,right? But ur indecisiveness shows u r more of a Libran than a Scorpio.

    @Nikhil I dont quite agree with //Changing minds are a sign of maturity// and I think the first sign of being mature (by being decisive) is as u say //know what has to be done//


  4. @RJ
    Life, for me, is real real real easy to deal with 😀 . That’s how I kno that i’m “not causing trouble to anyone”. Nothing lethal, at least…unless they ask for…

    🙂 Thanks…but well, i guess Reema is also right 😀

    yes, yu deciphered right…i do not believe in sun-signs. If one looks at me that way, i guess i’ll fit into all the signs one way or the other…and am sure most people wud, too. 🙂


  5. @Reema, @Scorpria
    Let me explain… Maturity works on different levels… I’ll give you a very simple example. Two scenarios:

    Scenario 1: A 7-yr-old kid in front of an ice cream van. He wants an ice cream. He looks at the poster hanging there and sees three different flavors, and the fourth one is a combo of all the three… He immediately wants that! No compromise! He throws up a tantrum and buys that…

    Scenario 2: Replace the kid with yourself in the earlier scenario, and think whether you would do that. Because, you would realize two things that the kid overlooks – the price (which is thrice that of the other three cones) and the quantity (you can’t possibly finish it alone!) – and even then, your rational brain is telling you, “It’s all the three flavors in one! Go for it!” and the child in you is saying, “I waaaaaaaant it!” and the banker in you us saying, “It’s not worth it, let me eat the other one,” and finally, the romantic in you is saying, “Wish Nikhil were here to share this ice cream with me. I could also ask him to pay for it!” and so on…

    So you end up changing your mind about the ice cream at least thrice before buying it and giving Nikhil a call – a definite sign of maturity! 😀


  6. @Nikhil
    I choose o stick by Reema’s comment….What the faraday!!!!!

    That part wudnt be for me either 😀 .

    “@Pria – Just a call! Go for it ”
    The name’s Priya 😀 and no…not a good offer…refer #27 in the “if i had a choice…i’d abolish tags ” post 😀 😛 yu’ll kno why 😀


  7. @Pria – Ok Pria! I will call you Pria! Not I get it Pria! Do you like it Pria? 😀 😛 I took it from ScorPRIA!!

    BTW, I ain’t talking about icecreams. I am talking about calling – call him up and he will buy you pastries with love 😀 😛


  8. I too am always indecisive about things …
    Like the other day, there was this picnic i planned with my classmates (RJ knows dis better.. SWP :D).. First, I wasnt lookin forward to it but when everyone agreed I was all excited to go , n then when 2-3 of my friends dropped out, I again didnt feel like goin.. at the end I didnt go when I was the one to co-ordinate the whole thing!
    Then that day, this agent from Airtel walks in sayin they are givin out corporate cards to college students, senior citizens, n housewives.. I have never changed my no. till date and I never wanted to .. He told me everything about the scheme,it took him 2 hours to fill me in on all da details and I gave in to it and bought the card in one go ! The very next hour I was plannin to deactivate it, and I’m doin it this month! 😀
    It keeps happenin wid me a lotta times.. That’s human, don’t worry.. U ain’t gettin any richer 😛


  9. @RJ
    Yes, i like PRIA, infact, a lot of ppl seems to do so too 😀
    and yea, the call…anything for a pastry!! 😀

    @ Nikhil
    Yes…anything for a pastry! 😀

    Hehe…i kno exactly what you mean! Someone even told me “I think on the day before your wedding, you’ll call him up and say ‘Hey, i think its a bad idea!’ 😀 read as: you are that indecisive 😀 😀 😀

    Do you have a girlfriend yet? If so, i’d love tu get in tuch wid her 😀


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