My dad’s 60th birthday!

Birthdays come every year…but the 60th one comes just once 😀 . Exactly why we decided to celebrate it with much ado and make it really, really special for my Dad on 6 July!

Early March: The planning started when I, in union with my brother, decided to dedicate a book to him! That didn’t sound too impressive, did it? Well, let me rephrase it—when I, in union with my brother, decided to actually write a book and dedicate it to him. Something to the effect of ‘Chicken Soup’ series…and since there are 60 members within the family itself, we thought we could get stories from all of them about their relationship with ma Dad. Well, the idea bombed! 😀

Late April: Then we thought we could kidnap him, tie him up, blindfold him and whisk him off to some place he would like…and celebrate with friends, family, food and the best of all—alcohol 😀 . The idea sounded disastrous for health (ours, especially!). 😀

Late May: Then we thought we could ask all his sisters and a brother to come down to Trivandrum…and give him a pleasant surprise—they are all across Delhi, Gujrat, Coimbatore, New York, Atlanta…But well, we knew few could promise attendance…and half the crowd is never as good as the full one (or so everyone says). So, we killed the idea. 😀

Late June: Then we thought we could plan a trip to the Bali islands…my brother had won a 7-day free package to the place—we’d only have to pay for the tickets. A bit too late, we realised Dad’s passport had expired. Damn! The idea died a sudden death. 😀 (The offer’s valid till August end, and Dad doesn’t want a ‘belated burrrday trip’…anyone wanna come along? 😀 )

Early July: Then we thought we could give him a ‘normal’ surprise party…with just the few of us who could make it. By then I had changed my mind just too many times, and was actually in danger of not getting any tickets. But well, I left my self respect in my bag outside the agency…and literally begged the guy to give me a ticket—and I got it. I called up Mom to tell her when I’d be landing and all that…and got the rudest surprise ever…e.v.e.r.! My Dad, who had till then got no inkling that there’d be a birthday party, was going out of town on his birthday! 😀 😀 😀 . The idea backfired!!! 😀

Hehe…I was shocked, but I actually went home without changing my mind further. And we made it…we bought him all sorts of ‘unlikely’ gifts—and well, a Blackberry! And loads of kisses, hugs, and of course, PJs…hehehe 6 July midnight was a fun time at home. He was stunned when he got the Blackberry, and as we expected, he was up till 3 a.m., fiddling with its features and technicalities.

And then, beaming, he said he loved everything! We didn’t even need any more proof since we actually saw him showing it all off to Mom 😀

Glad you loved it, Dad.  And you have no idea how glad we are that we didn’t get the whole family down for the ‘surprise party’…we’d all have been surprised to find the birthday man out of station!

And well, we didn’t even give him a birthday card, not to mention the book 😀 !

11 thoughts on “My dad’s 60th birthday!

  1. Hey hieeeeee!!!! I always wait for you to post a new one…. This one again is veryyyyy nice, u gifted him a blackberry that’s really cooool ya, I wish I could do dat for my dad !!! 😀 I’ll do that for his 60th bday , will start earning by then !! 🙂

    And guess what my dad shares the birthday with your dad !! 🙂 6th July !!! 🙂 It was his 55th birthday.
    I had thought of makin a card for him, but I didn’t get enough time and I just bought him a formal shirt which he wore it to work the very next day, and he liked it a lot! 🙂 He said he had it long back when he was a bachelor and he liked the colour (lime green) very much.
    It feels goood to do somethin for your parents especially when they dont expect it at all.

    Ok then keep postin I’m waitin byeeeee 🙂


  2. @Pria – Sounds like a fun family 🙂 Pretty neat & this post also gave me ideas of how I would celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday! If the book idea worked out, I think that would have been the specialestest! 😀 Blackberry works well also 😀 😛

    P.S Do I need to mention who would join you to Bali Islands? 😀 😛

    Wish your dad, belated wishes from me! *cakes, sweets and hugs*


  3. Awww!!!! The book idea was damn good….

    On my parents 25th Anniversary I made 25 cards for them and I still bask in the glory of that feat.

    Wish ur Dad from my side 🙂


  4. Hey thats a nice thing you did for your dad! Why dont you send some cake across (only if its a chocolate one!) 🙂

    Loved all the ideas, so will steal some for my mom’s bday! 🙂


  5. @Anu
    “I always wait for you to post a new one” …wow, am honoured, trust me! And thanks 🙂
    And yey! Our dads are b’day buddies …yea, i kno that feeling! You feel on top of the woldwen yu realise yu made yur parents happy (even a lil’ smile is a great achievemnet 😉 )

    Yup, mine’s a fun family alright 🙂 And yea…the book idea hasnt been dropped yet…61st bday is always specialER than 60th
    And yea, yu might have had to mention the name, but well, the request has come directly
    your wishes have been delivered

    25 cards…wow…good one! The blackberry glory wud stay for a year…enough time for me tu gift him the book on his 61st
    your wishes have been delivered

    your wishes have been delivered
    Of course you can…if yu will sponsor my tickets…and my brother’s too…oh, yu didnt kno he’s coming

    Thanks…and, Chocolate, ah? hmmm…i like yu much more, already
    Am glad yu find the ideas worth stealing….damn! i shud’ve done at least one of those hehe…ah, birthdays come every year…so… D


  6. God bless you! *touchwood..
    Lucky you to celebrate 60 th birthday of your dad..
    I got a cellphone for my dad too on his he was about to roll on to 60!
    On his 60th birthday I fed poor children! And talked to him for a long long time…

    Always love your dad…….never disappoint him!


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