Every morning, fresh and smart…

RJ strikes again!! This time, I’ve been tagged to write a love poem. But, this one can’t be just any love poem…there’s a catch (thank god! 😀 ): You get transformed to this 4th grade version of you; make the poem ultra cute and super sweet, filled with innocence and write about Love!

Well, a lil’ intro to the poem: love-life started early in life for me 😀 —and that too, when I was in 4th grade (which makes this tag even more apt 😀 )Really!

I had this crush (though I, then, shyly called it ‘love’ 😀 ) on a school mate…his name was Vimal (still is, am sure 😀 ). Oh…the way he used to sing…the voice…wow…even at that age, I used to dream about singing a duet with him some day!! So, I dedicate this 4th grader’s poem to my 4th-grade crush 😀 (Anyone else who expected this dedication—I’m extremely sorry; so happened that I met Vinay first 😀 )

Every morning, fresh and smart
With my brother, to school I walk
Every morning, fresh and smart
I see him and I gawk.

I find him among the crowd
I see him walk in by the gate
Oh, he looks smart and proud
All for a glance from him, I wait.

Every morning, fresh and smart
I prepare myself to speak to him
Every morning, though fresh and smart
I feel weak and shy to even look at him!

Until one day, I finally see him
Strolling alone by the park…and oh my!
I pray for some courage and walk up to him
And I almost tell him, “Vinay…”

I almost tell him, “Vinay…”
His voice, the song he sang…is all in my mind…
And I almost tell him, “Vinay…”
“Vinay…”, I almost tell him.

Well, I never got to talk to him. 😀

11 thoughts on “Every morning, fresh and smart…

  1. @ Nikhil
    What else can one do, but succumb to unbearable pressures in life?! So, here’s the poem you have been demanding for 😀 😀 (Ok, I’d warned that I’d use this very word!). Again, I am a veggie and so I can safely say that I do not eat poets; so, your demand “Bring her out” stands ignored! 😀 So, here it is:

    School-time and play-time
    Tuitions and homework
    How can a lil’ girl
    Find time for more work?

    Writing is tiring,
    And thinking is tough
    That too, for a poem
    I need brains enough.

    Yet, for a friend who helps you create
    Your own world of alphabets
    Gifting a poem, that too with love
    Will sure ward off any other debts 😛

    So I dedicate this to you,
    16 lines, 87 words and 344 alphabets
    Along with many more thanks
    Many more smiles…and all but love, yet!

    And all of you, pls do not murder me for this disastrous attempt at poetry. I am not a poet either, least of all in pressure situations 😛 😀 ! Read also as: Bad consequence of a jobless monday morning!!


  2. @Nick
    hehe…thanks a lot. nursery rhymes are th cutest invention ever! 😀 😀

    🙂 Thanks…welcome tu alphabetworld…have added yu tu my blogroll


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