an atm card, 7744 bucks and a lost password!

Been down in the dumps since Saturday…

Was in the joy of having received some bonus from office and all that on Friday. Planned to have a bash on Saturday…go book shopping, spend the night at a friend’s place and have a happy weekend. Until I checked my bag on Saturday morning. And… Damn! Damn! Damn!

My atm card had apparently deserted me! First call went to the boyfriend, “Why the hell did you take my card? You could at least have told me…now how the hell do you think I can go shopping?!”. The answer was calm and amused “I do not have your card, Priya.” Aah…that was it. “Damn! Damn! Damn! Me, my carelessness and my damn forgetfulness…”

I was in despair. I knew I had misplaced it…but didn’t know when or where—until I figured out that my previous usage had been on July 8th…well, the obvious things were done—called the bank, blocked the card, realised some ****** has swiped it for Rs 7744 at some African Electronics shop! Damn! Damn! Damn!

“It was swiped in Africa? A.F.R.I.C.A ???” “Ummm…no ma’am…I meant it was swiped in a shop called Africa Electronics.” “Oh.” I was so irritated at the loss that I was quite tempted to be mean to the guy standing at the next counter and complaining, “Look, my card is old…and I need a new one…” Here, I have neither the card nor the money—and this fellow is cribbing about a new card?? Have mercy! For want of loosing my cool, I just pretended he didn’t exist. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Well, nothing much was to be done…I went on with my book shopping, had lunch and met up with friends to catch a movie… I had totally ignored the card and the loss… “What has to happen, will happen, Priya” I told myself. And well, landed up at Lido, met my friends and told them the sob-story. “African Electronics? I haven’t even heard of it” said a friend. “Me neither”, wailed I…when another one piped up “Ah, that shop is right behind my house!” “What???” Damn! Damn! Damn!

And then my brain started working…actually started working! Since that day, I haven’t slept. In spite of all that, i sat through the entire movie (Jaane tu ya jaane na–do watch it, its a happy movie…nice); i went to my friend’s place and spent the night there with 3 others; came back home on Sunday, continued the investigation…and finally on monday, i had two suspects. Hated the fact that it was either of the two… Damn! Damn! Damn!

All of monday, I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Kept solving the situation over and over in my head…and finally, by monday evening, I ruled out one among the two. And I was shocked… Damn! Damn! Damn!

Came home dead tired…mentally, more than physically…and finally sat down with my laptop, logged on to gmail… oops, logged on to gmail…ooops, logged on to gmail…ooops, logged on to gmail…ooops, logged on to gmail…and well, with shock, despair, irritation and much frustration, i realised that my password wasn’t working…it kept asking me to verify the special characters, check caps lock and a lot of other things. All I wanted was to see “Loading…” and that was the only message which wasn’t coming. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Then the tears started flowing! I cried like a baby…”I’ve lost my gmail id…waaaaahhhhh….i’ve lost my orkut id…everything is gone…my atm card is also gone….waaaahhhh….”

😀 😀 😀 3 sleepless nights, 2 full days of mental pressure and 7744 bucks! I had lost my logical abilities…the ability to think straight, apply my brain and realise that I can do a password recovery!

24 thoughts on “an atm card, 7744 bucks and a lost password!

  1. Sometimes I wish I had stolen the card, because after reading this, I’d have gladly given it back to you and asked you to arrest me! 😀
    I am so so so sorry you had to go through such crap! I hope whoever stole the card rots in hell!!
    I am there if you need anything… I’ll gladly help you out through this ordeal… A big warm bear hug from me to you! Hope that makes you feel slightly better… 😀


  2. My support too! But did i read it right? you know who did it? Now, thats even bad!

    Anyways, Take care and you can always earn those 7744 rupees again! Take heart… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    these smileys are to cheer you up!

    p.s. i saw JTYJN and i like it too! 🙂


  3. Know what? I was wishing that u remember that it was you who had used the card and would have eventually found it 😦

    I guess i have left my card twice, once to i went back after a night but the guys were so good that they had kept it…

    As far as logical capacity is concerned am sure we all feel like bawling out if life is being too too unfair with us 🙂

    Hope things are more shaant now 🙂


  4. @Sakhi
    Thanks…and yes, yu read it right! I’m going thru one of those “worst feelings” phase….eeeewwwww….

    I kno! nothing’s happnd tu th one who did it…am yet tu confront th person…and well, gmail thing is fine…after th tears dried, logic reappeared 😀 so i changed my password and logged in! 🙂

    As for my theme, well, i loved it too…but apparently, “bloggers get bored seeing the same thing for a long time” !!! 😛

    How i wish that wer tru! Things arent exactly too shant, but since i’m a brilliant actor… 😀


  5. oops …thats a shock alright ..
    8000 bucks gone with the wind.. 😦

    well, atleast u got ur gmail passwrod back.. 😛 .,..
    losing a mail password can be disastrous .. 😦

    my very first comment goes to a sad post … 😦


  6. Arey, today i lost my wallet and was super scared that i might also have the same experience.. i blocked the card as soon as i came to know that wallet is missing!

    And then the security person called me to tell that he has got my wallet! he gave it back to me but with a lot of advices and a stern look!

    I just smiled at him, a silly grin! 🙂 🙂 i was so excited to have it back! 🙂


  7. @Arvind
    shock…tell me about it!! yea 😀 got my gmail account bac 😀

    Honoured 😀

    You are a verry lucky person! i can understand yur excitement 😀


  8. awwww poor you 😦 …if i were in your position, i would have killed myself! ….not coz my ATM card was lost (along ith the 7744 bucks), but coz i would not be able to access Orkut anymore! 😛


  9. @Nick
    hehehe…glad to kno thr ar others as crazy as me 😀

    Glad to meet yu too!

    Lucky you! Hope this happens to no one else in th world!


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  11. Here is a new peppy 1-minute video giving people advice on frugality and the responsible use of debit, ATM and credit cards.

    “Card Tricks Revealed: How Not To Burn Money”


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