good? bad? good? bad? i do not know…

There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

So says Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Well, how more true can this be ?

There are certain people who enter your life unannounced, uninvited, yet becomes an integral part of your life. They become so much a part of your daily life that after a point, you don’t even realise what they do for you and what they don’t…you start taking them for granted…sometimes you like them; sometimes you hate; sometimes you look for them; sometimes you hide; sometimes you listen to them; sometimes you walk away…

I have one such person to talk about…

This person was not my type at all…I never thought I’d become friends with this person. But well, you can never chart out your life, can you? This person and I became friends. And being in a new city for good measure, I found much help in this person. A symbol of purity at heart, this person is very endearing to all who surround. Extremely selfless, this person would cross desert and sea to be with a person in need. Though this person would always be with everyone, wishing them good, people end up hurting this person a lot…leaving this person to wonder why good never begets good, at least, in this person’s life.

For me, this person has been a huge support and help for as long as I can remember. We have had our fights and misunderstandings, joys and happy hours….but this person, unlike me, was always unflinching in defining the meaning of friendship. I have no words that will justifiably thank this person for all that this person did for me.

This person has a heart that forgives; love is all this person ever needs and expects. This person always strives to see goodness in others…and tries to conquer people with love. Even to people who have conspired against this person, this person returns it all manifold in a lot of loving gestures and favours. This person, I would hence conclude by saying, is unique…one in a million!

But…like I mentioned earlier, this person was not my type at all…and well, maybe not all man is perfect! This person is an extremist, in a good sense, though. For this person, everything is sacred–relationships are meant to be forever! Being an independent, free person, I found myself wanting the famous “space” in my life. But this person would always be there with a piece of good advice, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. And when perspectives of two people are different, everything one does would seem weird to the other…and well, though there’s nothing good or bad, thinking ALWAYS makes it so… and trouble creeps in…distance separates people…difference of opinions manifest themselves as irritation, anger…one loses the ones they once liked…but sometimes, one doesn’t care…that’s what happened to us too…

This person is not in my life any more. And I am neither glad nor sad that it ended this way. We probably never deserved each other. I hope we never cross paths again. May this scissors mark the end of what we mean to the other. Goodbye!!!
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21 thoughts on “good? bad? good? bad? i do not know…

  1. @Lekhni
    😐 i agree…Time is the most important factor…

    ‘Ok’tto πŸ˜€

    and pssst pssst….if the sentence you are talking about is “well, maybe not all man is perfect!”, well tht isnt exactly a clue πŸ˜€ :D. If i said ‘men’, fine…but here, ‘man’ is being used instead of the word ‘human’ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  2. Hmmm..its sad when things dont work out even the person is so good. People ask what happened..he/she was such a good person..u two were such good friends etc etc but the truth is it just doesnt “click” thats all. Sometimes we get work out the difference in opinions and sometimes we arent able to and have to sever ties. But before ending I think we should check whether have we done all that we could do?


  3. @Reema
    This ended a while ago….and all things possible were done…checking, re-checking and re-re-checking…it just did not work!

    I kno! Couldnt help it…was not a breaking off i looked forward to…it just happened so. It’s sometimes safer to let go than to cling on…and well, pls don b fast to make it a ‘him’ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  4. That’s so sad!! 😦 I have ever thought that distance when you have a lovestory can only complicate all. And too much difference between the 2 people, too.

    *a big kiss and a huge hug*


  5. @scorpria..

    Well, I was more like this person you’re talkin about earlier, and now I’ve become different.. you’ve read my last post so u knw how i’ve changed, become more independent.. So sometimes I too feel like letting go of people who are the types that you’re talkin about.. Dunnno why… Its not like I want to lose them forever but I dont want to hold on to them either. Strange.. 😦


  6. Hey great write up..Sums up the villainous part distance plays in many a relationship.but have to add true and strong relationships would be able to withstand the test….Anyways..Keep Blogging,Hope ur English Miss Gets to see this.She always had high hopes for you πŸ™‚


  7. @Smallstar
    Well, this is not really a love story that reached a bitter end. but yea, strange things can affect relationships in a strange way.

    Yeah….am quite ok now. It was kinda traumatic…for both, i guess

    my feelings exactly! I also feel that ‘space’ shud never be allowed to be intruded into! Thts the best way to respect another individual…

    Personally, I dont think its wrong at all… all relationships CANNOT remain the same forever…sometimes new people replace the old and in a much better way…sometimes, nothing can ever relace someone…well, its life that flows on its own that matters…and for all happiness, i usually let it take its course…its mostly easier and better to let go than to hold on…this may sound like vulnerability…but it helps big-time sometimes!!

    hmmm 😦

    Welcome to alphabetworld!
    Parackal, is it?? nee blogum cheyyo?? you have one? hehe….avarithokke kandaal enne kollum πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    and in case you are not the Anish i’m referring to, thanks for the comment…keep visiting! πŸ˜€


  8. @ Reema
    You have a perfect point, but sad thing is, no one can get away just by saying *it didn’t click*, and we all know there are few people we can’t deny answer!!!

    At least you are not feeling your decision was wrong. And that is a good thing really.


  9. Hey Priya..It is d same….Ahha kaapi kudikkanvarkkore kappi thottam i remember reading ur vellarikkapattanam some while ago..But lost touch for a while..Eni illa…Keep blogging…All the wishes for some upcoming happiness.:)


  10. Hmmm… I would love to second that. But well, anything can happen in life. So, it’s best to accept it. Grit and bear it… Life is not a smooth sailing ship, and you do know that.

    As I said, “Hope is a good thing; may be not the best of things. But all good things never die.” (Enough of my philosophies for now… ;))

    Peace, and have a nice day.


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