“Light; it plays an incredible game of hide-and-seek with us.”

“Light; it plays an incredible game of hide-and-seek with us.
The earliest memory of my childhood happens to be a very happy one – sitting on my grandfather’s lap, listening to stories of our mythology, of demons and gods, of good and evil and walking down with him to the library to catch up on the adventures of Mickey Mouse.”

And as I first read these words sometime in the middle of a busy mid-2008 afternoon, I was awed! Awed by the author’s ability to play with words. Nikhil; he plays an incredible game with words!

When the story ended as abruptly as it had begun, after scrolling down just 4 or 5 pages, I was left in a confused state of mind. I was lost — I knew I just had to read the full story.  When I pestered him, he told me that was the full story; he’d written that to send in for some short-story-writing competition, he said.

Now, almost a year later, when I clicked that nice little “Download” button on his blog, all excited to be reading his new book, I saw myself reading those same words…and wondering where I had read them before. To have been able to read what led to and what followed those words was one of the best things to happen.

After I read it, I told him that “Simran” had left me all confused…and a bit torn apart. Confused, because such serious and mind-numbing words were from a guy whose posts are always a slapstick, humourous entertainer. Torn apart, because one could almost see and feel Nihal’s agony and loss.

“Simran” is a beautiful story that cajoles you lovingly to go forth and get yourself right in the midst of that fierce battle between emotions and logic; mind and heart. It’s the story of a passionately intense relation between the protagonist, Nihal, and the mysterious Simran. From life, love and passion, to hurt, anger, hate and death, Nihal travels through an entire spectrum of emotional turmoil — while Simran becomes the testimony for all that.

Definitely an ‘unputdownable’ work of art! And rightly so, because you live, love, get hurt and hate along with Nihal and Simran. When a reader empathises with a character, it’s undoubtedly the result of a  brilliant author’s incredible penmanship!

Well done, Nikhil! Look forward to the next one! 🙂

12 thoughts on ““Light; it plays an incredible game of hide-and-seek with us.”

    • @ Reems,
      Best? Really? Who else reviewed it? 😀 And am so late too. I read it almost a month back. Had plans of writing a profoundly interestin one…then realised I’d only end up messing it up, and throughit, the book as well. So, just wrote a simple, honest one 😉

      Book’s releasing in Jan.
      No idea. I think after all those comments begging him not to, he got scared to even reply 😀 I think he’s hiding away in Uzbekistan 😀


  1. @Smita
    I hate reading e-books as well. But that line on light playing games reminded me of having read them long back…and i HAD to complete it. 🙂

    So am I !! Have asked for a signed copy 😉 Which reminds me… Can I have a signed copy of Laghukatha too?? 😀

    Hey! Welcome back!!!
    Looooongtime! How are you?
    I’m good, thanks! 🙂

    Thanks 🙂
    Lemme go read that now 🙂


  2. @scorpria:
    it’s very nice you are good..
    I am ok, thanks…

    I missed ya all very much while I was off, but now I am back and I am a lot happy…
    I have also started to post again..

    *a huge hug and a big kiss*


  3. it is nice to knw one among us..whose blog weve been reading for quitesometime has actually published it!! and even more beautiful to see a review on it 🙂
    @vimmuuu – look who wants to know about ‘book release”.. poochakkentha? ponnurukkinnidathu kaaryam??
    @smita – same here – just cant read e-books 😦


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