I wonder what…

I wonder what it takes to convince someone to take care of their health (the loss, finally, is theirs, isn’t it?).

I wonder what it takes to make someone shed their negativity and shift to positive paths.

I wonder what it takes to make two people love each other (in spite of years of its absence).

I wonder what it takes to stop someone you love from being that one person you dread to have to live with.

I wonder what it means, to live your life for someone else forever, and never be valued for what you are.

I wonder what it takes to make people realise that God is in your minds, actions and thoughts; and not in how well you display and talk about it.

I wonder what it takes to convert a non-believer (and I don’t mean just the belief in God) to become a believer.

I wonder what it takes to make people look at the bigger picture than at the pixels!

I wonder what it takes to imbibe a sense of ‘togetherness’ in someone.

I wonder what it means to not be loved, but be expected to slave.

I wonder what it takes to make someone shed their ego and arrogance (even after suffering for it multiple times).

I wonder what it takes to make someone you love walk WITH you (and not lead, follow or tread).

I wonder what it takes to make someone accept everyone else as idividuals with their own lives.

I wonder what it means when you finally give up on someone:
     is that the end of real love?
     is it the beginning of disinterested acceptance?
     is it a sacrifice of your own interests as well?

I really do wonder…

7 thoughts on “I wonder what…

  1. SO many things that make us ponder… SO many.

    Hello Priya, how have you been? Thank you for leaving a note. I am doing fine. Still on planet Earth, but at different co-ordinates… Where publishing blog posts is quite a pain. Thanks to some silly govt. policies. I still am writing. Pity I can’t publish them. Blogger takes 2-3 days to publish posts and the comments that follow. Really frustrating.

    Otherwise, yeah… Getting used to work life. Can’t believe I am working! And it’s gonna be a whole year! Btw, me in Bahrain. 🙂

    Trust things are going great at your end. How’s married life? 🙂

    You can reach me at – kartster@gmail.com

    Peace. Take care. Stay blessed.


  2. I wonder what made you write such beautiful stuff.
    Very deep and thought provocative.
    Life is indeed very strange.
    It does leave us with answers when we dont even have questions.
    It leaves us in the middle of nowhere, when we didnt even start going anywhere.
    It makes pay interests on the loans we never took.
    Life is strange and all we can do is just wonder. 🙂


  3. idu enddu patteee maaaley ???

    I really dint like the language of this post; and that too from you?? If this is how you are gonna continue writing, you can go back to that hibernation of yours 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Cheer up naatukaari, all your ‘wonder-ings’ would have an answer soon. until then, deivathey orthu pudiya wonder-um kondu vararudu ! 😀 😀

    (and reema, im married, so stop ‘boss-ing’ me for the malayalam. I will complain to my wife 😀 :D)


  4. @Kartz
    That was real quick! It’s great to hear from you after forever! So, you’re alive and kicking as well 😉
    Life’s good…everything’s going great.
    Miss your posts too.
    Come back soon to blogville! 🙂 TC.

    Hehe…everything ok. Was just putting this brain to a bit of use 😀

    Thanks! And wow, that was profound too 😉

    Got any answers? 😉

    ‘language’? as in the post or the ‘language’? what’s wrong with the language? Enikku ithrem kke kazhive ollu maashe 😛 Athaa you don find 100+ comments for my posts 😀
    And man! you’re scared of Reema too!??? 😀 😀


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