Best people off to one of the best travel destinations ;)

We had planned this once in 2008…but, like all Plan As, it didn’t work. And we didn’t have a Plan B then 😀  So, in 2010, we directly named it Plan B. And it’s working! 😀

Started off when one person just took the initiative and sent mails to everyone saying “We need to meet!” 😀 Guess time’s not just a healer, it also makes people sensible 😉 Because, this time, we quickly invested money and made bookings: so, now, no one plans to opt out.

On the 12th and 13th of June, 10 of us are going to be at Munnar 🙂 At the Elysium Garden Resort. And we’ve already set the mood through a Facebook page we created for this. It’s brought a lot of memories and forgotten pics back to life!!!

This is our Facebook Page’s description: Before the group began we mapped out three primary goals: 1) to see and meet every year 2) to make our bonds and relationships stronger and 3) to love each other more every year. Brilliant words, Lee!

The mail has already run into threads that crossed 100. A couple from Dufaai Dubai, a couple from Bangalore, a couple from Kochi. A girl from Bangalore, a guy from Aluva, another from Kochi and yet another from Dufaai Dubai again—we’re all discussing this, making fun of one another, making back up plans, deciding colour combos for the photo-shoot 😀 😀 😀 (so that a few years later, we won’t look like a bunch of something the cat brought in!)

We’ve arranged a tempo traveler. We’ve booked the rooms. We’ve asked for campfire and music. And we’ve planned to have a night out…to relive our college days…to refresh those memories.

People say it might rain there. So, we even have back up plans:

  1. A big umbrella and one adoring husband to hold it for his ‘paavam merlin’ and all her friends who’ll huddle beneath it ;))
  2. Uno Cards
  3. Pictionary
  4. Ludo 😀 [we used to hold championships at college; it’s part of our team’s existence ;)]
  5. Photo shoots (the gang’s favourite past time; guess we did more of that than any studying at college ;))

It’s amazing how friends always catch up like there hasn’t been a day of gap. None of us ever call each other every day (or week, even!), most of us don’t mail to/chat with each other…and yet, when the trip plan popped up, we’re all in, high on enthusiasm and spirit…and memories come flooding 🙂

The last time we all had a trip was when we were in college. 16 of us went off to Thekkady-Kodaikanal. We still have very good memories of it. Thankfully, time has erased the not-so-good ones, which were few! 😉

This time, we’re hoping it’ll be a brilliant one…and that time won’t have to linger around with the eraser 😀

Just 10 more days to gooooooo. Yippeeeeee 😀

Munnar…here we come 🙂

20 thoughts on “Best people off to one of the best travel destinations ;)

  1. wow!!! This seriously sounds very exciting!!! And I always believe that there are some relationships which do not need any time to reconnect! U start talking & time nd distances are mended 🙂


  2. Yeah, munnaar, here they come !!! 😀 😀

    Btw, I think I read somewhere in between that theres a girl form blore. she travelling all alone?? single? cute? 😀 😀 😀 Ok, lemme know how I can join you guys for this trip? pls pls pretty pls (with cherry on top!) 😀


      • 😀

        Girl from Blore has a boy from Aluva to give her company 😛
        Ninnodu paranjille not to use cherry on top ? 😀

        Lajjavaham thanne…not tht you invited yourselves twice (and no one took any notice), but that you haven’t given me Lakshmi’s id yet!!!!!!!


  3. Friends from school and college however far away and no communication need no time to be the same old gang that hung together in college:) Munnar, lovely…
    My dad’s meeting his class x mates this Sunday.. and they are meeting after so many many many years after no communication at all:)… and u shd see their excitement..:))

    Enjoy:) Munnar here they come 🙂


    • Welcome to AlphabetWorld! 🙂
      So very true.
      Ooooh….I can imagine his excitement. Coz my dad had one recently. They’re all over 60 😀 and they all met after some 40 years!! School friends….they all were together in Std 10 ! 😀 😀
      Now there’s a group photo that has pride of place in his bedroom mantel 😉


  4. oh lovely! 🙂 we also had a small reunion with friends from UG days one huge gang we were… why18 we call ourselves.. i m sure u will have an awesome times! n hope the good times keep rolling! 😀


  5. gosh i am excited for you. am sure lots of fun things will happen during your vacation. i hope it rains just for one night. not to spoil your fun but so that you could play board games together. i love to do that in a big group but so far i haven’t had the opportunity.

    please post pictures here after your vacation. have an awesome time!


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