Woods are lovely, dark and green

Woods are lovely, dark and green
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep.

I love trees. I’ve always loved trees. And I’m sure I’ll never stop loving them.

One of the things I love doing is to look at the sky through the pinholes that a lush tree’s branches create.

Every time I look at a tree, I think, “Wow. Wonder how many years it took to become this big, this strong, this green, this beautiful…” Every time I pass under a tree and walk in the shade, I utter a silent “thank you”. Every time I see a tree swishing in the breeze, I can feel a smile pulling up the corners of my lips. Every time I see a downpour washing away the dust from trees and leaving them fresh and clean-green, I feel cleansed and rejuvenated! Every time I see new leaves peeping out from the branches, it gladdens my heart. Every time I see birds alighting on or flying off a branch, I feel serene.

Evevrytime I see a tree being cut, I feel I could kill.

The people responsible…the people who ordered for it…the people who’re doing it.

Very recently, about a week back or so, I left office right on time and was already pretty happy with myself for that. The sky had donned a deep grey overall and was threatening to pour. Unlike all the other days, I waited for a bus, hoping to get caught in the rain. Then, I got down at my stop and decided to walk. When I was almost home, it started drizzling and I took a different route, a slightly longer path that runs adjacent to a huge park near my house. Walking through the tree lined lane, with droplets bouncing off the leaves and branches right on me, made me ecstatic.

Until I reached home. There, I saw the two tress—they sheltered most of my house from the dust and direct view off the busy road—massacred. Literally. They seemed to have been cut done by someone who had a pen knife instead of an axe…and was asked to finish duty in 5 minutes! There were branches and twigs and leaves strewn all around. The parts where it had been cut, looked like someone had cut a bit through the wood and had wrenched loose the rest! It was awful! All that remained were the stumps! 😦

All my ecstasy drained right there. I was furious. Though I shouldn’t have taken it out on the wrong person, I snapped at the poor husband because he took about 5 long seconds after I rang the bell, to opened the door! I was swearing away in my mind, cursing the people responsible with the most horrid fates, donned the most fowl expression ever and even refused to attend my mom’s call (something which I never do, no matter what!).

I can’t even BEGIN to explain how furious I was. I don’t know what gets into me when I see a chopped down tree 😦 But it drives me up the wall, makes me furious, inconsolable and all that’s in that league!

On further examination of the area, I realised that about 12 trees had been chopped down, massacred similarly along one side of the road. And for what? To keep the branches from disturbing a wretched hanging electric wire! The ass**** (pardon me, but my fury is coming back! :() could have easily lifted the wire to a higher knob on the post than cut down 12 trees!!!!! Somewhere the power supply might have failed…and some dork must have decided it’s the trees’ fault.

I'm now sorry i didn't have a proper "before" pic; but well, I'm sure you can make out how tall the trees were...and how they are now 😦 😦

There’s nothing we can do, is there, to prevent such things?

I was recently talking to an aunt who’s demolished the house they’ve been living in, for years, and is now rebuilding it in a much better way! And she said, there was a coconut tree that had to be cut. And apparently, she needed permission from the Govt to cut it. After all formalities and everything, she ended up paying over Rs 35,000 to the Govt, for cutting a tree that’s right in her own plot!!!

But when it comes to electric wires, tress are a nuisance. Does the cost of getting someone to take up the wires to a higher level and get it tied there run into crores? Is that why cutting off fully grown trees to make way for these wires a better and oft opted solution!?

Bah! I hate people who cut trees. Even if it’s my very own brother who does it! There! Now that statement says it all! 😐

I guess for some…

Woods are lovely dark and green
But I like dust and heat than trees
And a million ones I’ll cut ‘fore I sleep.

E.T.A: Gosh! I know I sound dumb right now, but I had no clue today is World Environment Day! This post on trees here is a mighty coincidence! I’m off to plant a sapling now. And tomorrow, I’ll be at Lal Bagh to participate in “The Sapling Project”! Go GREEN! 🙂

The Sapling Project @ Bangalore
Venue: Lalbagh, Glass house.
Time: 10:30 AM
Contact: Joel Fernandes – 9008905774