what can we do NOW?

Saw this most disturbing video on Facebook. It was titled “Educational Video”, from PETA

And it left me almost puking. I could not see the whole thing. I had to close down! I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t take it.

So, I wonder how the animals do! While just the visual pain is so horrid, I wonder what the actual pain would be like. Their indifferent, lost expressions wrenched my heart loose and shattered it. I may sound poetic or whatever…but I can’t begin to tell you how disturbed I am 😥

Are those the hands of real, living human beings? Or are they machines? How can people not feel wretched doing this?

And all this for what? Wool, leather and fur? To wear around you in the name of fashion, comfort and status?

I know writing a looooong post on this does not aggravate or alliviate the misery I went through, seeing this. The best is for you to see it yourself. and then, share:


A couple of years back, I broke open an egg to make an omelette and saw blood on the yolk.Struck by depression, avid non-vegetarian that I was, turned chronic vegetarian that instant. Even though I knew my giving up on non-veg does not save all the chicken, fish, pig, cow, and what not, of this world, I still gave up on my craving. And, it felt good. I was beginning to get over it, but I guess this is a timely reminder for me as well. I go back to my veggie ways.

I know giving it up does not solve anything. Giving up on fur, wool and leather also does not stop it. There’s something else that we need to do.


P.S.: Puke, if you have to. But, I think you should all see this. At least, half way, like I did. If nothing else, itll make you happy to know you’re actually being tortured by the indifference; and not torturing with indifference.

23 thoughts on “what can we do NOW?

  1. Could not watch the video in office.. though I am sure what it is ,,and I guess I have watched it..

    well and veg, non-veg is a highly debatble topic…

    A drop makes a ocean, if everyone avoids using animal products the demand will go down, so will the supply.

    But then what about thousands of those who make their living out of it? what about their bread and butter? mind me but poultry, animal husbandry is not a small industry..

    😦 😦 and sumtimes I think what about thousands of humans who are suffering? should their be a group for ethnical treatment to people?

    which cause is greater? saving human/animal? both? none?


    • Human, animals, plants, birds…it’s all interconected. They all should be cared for!

      The ones who make a living out of these, should be given some other employment. They dont do these because they LOVE to; it’s because they dont have another job. Give them another job, a slightly higher salary, and they’ll definitely leave! Am sure these people dont lead a happy life (like a cousin pointed out).

      I know these are not things we can change in a day/week/month/even year. But it shouldn’t go on like this.


  2. OMG !!! I stopped half way thru….so horrible….

    But as u say, u and I giving it up, may not make a difference today. But tomorrow, when everyone of us thinks like that, it might make a huge difference. The demand for furs and other stuff is very high, in the fashion conscious sector – where every bag counts, every fur coat matters…the demand is there and not with us – we like animals and we love fashion too.

    But its still a great initiative by you – turning a vegan !!! Hugs !!!


    • Yes, many drops make an ocean. But, like you said, the fashion conscious sector wouldn’t care for this. They are laden with money, and somehow, that seem to cover up that litte thing called the “heart”. 😦

      I’d been a veg for a long time now. In fact, I was this “pure” non-veggie who used to have everything form beef to chicken to fish to pork to…everything. Saw the blood on the yolk, and gave it up right then! Was sowly getting back to eaing, but well, can’t anymore! It’s saddening.

      Thing is, this is not even about how non-veg is made or whatever. I’m not even the target audience of this video. But still…

      Ah, it aches to even think of it 😦


  3. don’t know.. could never become a vegetarian.. i just think if chickens were superior to us, wouldn’t they eat us too? before there was an abundance of food[in terms of human civilization], we ate anything edible we could find.. why the double standards now?


    • It’s not just about being Vegan. It’s aout NOT being cruel. The least one can do is decently kill it off before tearing out skin and leg and what not!!!

      As for chicken eating us if they were superior: yes, they would! So, I dont advocate vegetarianism… For that matter, animals still kill one another to eat. Its the nature’s law. but tell me, how many lions kill a cow to make leather shoes? or a sheep to make a blanket? 😛 They kill to eat. we do so too. but we don’t stop there.

      We kill for fun. We kill for wool. We kill for leather. We kill for feather. We kill just for the sake of killing. Which is wat I’m against.

      As for me turning veg: it ws a personal choice; seeing blood on the yolk, like i mentioned. And it’s sad that it takes blood to relise there was/will be life. Sigh.

      Sad, isn’t it?


    • 🙂
      When we know something’s wrong, does it matter how long it’s been going on?

      I don’t think we can stop this slaughter, because ppl will always want leather and fur and wool and meat 🙂 .

      All I’m asking is that the animals be saved the misery of watching itself lose gallons of blood; misery of bleedig through the chains/ropes; misery of feeling it’s skin ripped off… 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


  4. I stopped eating non veg and using animal products when I saw a video that broke my heart long ago Scorpria. I have blogged about it too, and so have two other bloggers – Niharika and Bhagwad Jal Park. They also became vegetarians after that experience. It seems a lot of people give up non veg the same way and it is healthier too. I read somewhere, if butcher houses had glass walls, nobody would eat meat.


    • “if butcher houses had glass walls, nobody would eat meat.” SO true.

      I don’t think we can stop slaughter, because ppl will always want leather and fur and wool and meat. But we could do it in such a way that animals are not put through torture…watching itself lose gallons of blood; bleedig through the chains/ropes; feeling its skin ripped off…


  5. Yes, I have seen heartbreaking videos on that same post that IHM mentions. I couldn’t watch it completely. I am a vegetarian too, and I am not buying fur. But been guilty of buying wool (that can’t do without) and leather shoes and belts. We also need strong regulations against cruelty to these animals. So that these industries are well-regulated.


  6. Im not even watching it; Im sure I cant. I cant even sit through some of those discovery channel programs itself; you know like the ones where a lion chases a deer to eat it later..ugghhh !!!

    Though I eat chicken and egg, I prefer veg to non veg anyday ! During my bachelorhood days, it was always veg and I used to have chicken only when Im with friends. After wedding, its become a lill difficult; the person I got married to is a pure non veg ! 😀 I dont think theres anything that I can do because according to the rules of marriage, Im supposed to adjust and compromise !! 😀 😀 😀


  7. I feel we cant do much about it. But my take is that I dont want to become a sinner. I dont want to eat an animal or wear some fur which was removed by killing it. I would rather eat vegetarian. There was another video I saw sometime back on how the cattle are treated before they are butchered for meat. It’s really heart wrenching. I wonder how inhumane some people are!


  8. :)..when people ask why im a veg?..i keep mum..or i say i dnt like tht “chow chow” feel of meat. in a way it was escaping from all those lectures i heard “against” the relation of conscience and meat! i stopped when i was 7…when i realised the hens and chicken we so lovingly feed and rear at home were “killed” to “eat”!!! i saw ths in FB…but i dnt watch it..as i knew my heart cant stand it…but i told eby tht apart frm the ‘leather-based’ handbag he had already picked fr me..ill try nd nt use nethng in ths genre… i knew..it was animal based..bt i dnt knw the cruelty behind it!


    • Yes….and when i did the same thing, people called me silly. they said in that case, i shouldn’t eat at all. because rice plants are slaughtered, potatoes are killed, and so on. All I can ever say in defense is that it’s a need to eat them…to sustain life. you dont “need” to eat animals though.

      These days, seeing people attacked by animals, seeing a man torn apart by a lion/elephant/whatever animal doesnt disturb me at all. They’re animals; so are we. its a give and take 😉


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