Falling all over…

…myself seem to be my latest hobby.

Last Monday, I joined IBM. After a long day of form-filling, I was dropped back half way by a cousin. I got off the bike, stepped onto the footpath and the next instant, I was flat on the pavement!!! Some dork  had placed a flat piece of iron rod at the base of the footpath. The area itself was so dark, it just couldn’t be seen. In fact, I had to feel around in the darkness to figure out what I tripped over. Anyways, apart from a few bruises, I was OK. I limped for about 500 mts and found an auto, went home.

Week two at IBM. Monday again. We all left early today as there was some problem with the AC duct. A colleague staying close by offered to drop me home. Though I told him I’d take a rickshaw from 2-3 points on the way, he insisted on droppping me home. Finally, we reached, and I got off the bike. Or so I thought. In fact, my patiala got caught in his helmet-lock on the rear of the bike, and I lost my balance. My bag was darn heavy, with the laptop and everything. And bam! I landed flat on the road, right in front of my house (shocking the poor colleague and a few neighbours).

I soooo don’t look forward to next Monday 😦