Chothi pookkalam

Today is “Chothi nakshathram. This is our Day 3 pookkalam. 😀

Thank God for a 2-11 office timing. No rush in the morning; lots of time to design a pookkalam and stare at if forever 😀 Only, stealing flowers at night will now be a bit of a problem 😀 Well, I guess we’ll have to venture out towards midnight. 😉 There’s no going back on the stealing part of the pookkalam process 😉

Day 3 - Chothi

And here’s what we designed on Day 1 – Atham and Day 2 – Chithira 🙂

18 thoughts on “Chothi pookkalam

  1. You go alone for stealing or you take the family too ?? 😀 😀 😀

    Cheyy, iyaalu naatukkarude kayyil ninnu adi vaangunnadu kaanaan pattilallo !!! 😀 😀 😀

    you know what, I shall send you a pookkalam I made a few years back in palakkad. I managed to include all our name initials and also the name of the house in it.


  2. hey! lovely.. if today is chotti nakshatram then today is my b’day!! =D isnt it something like that abt b’day star… there is this thing about ppl who are chotti nakshatram born they get whatever their heart desires without having to ask for it! dunno if its true!! 😛 but somehow i do manage to get it!

    but then ur post is lovely!!:D


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