Uthraada pookkalam

Today is “Uthraadam nakshathram. This is our Day 9 pookkalam.

Day 9 - Uthraadam

And  here’s what we designed on Day 1 – Atham, Day 2 – Chithira, Day 3 – Chothi, Day 4 – Vishakham, Day 5 – Anizham, Day 7 – Moolam and Day 8 – Pooraadam. 🙂

And I’ve fallen ill 😦 Baaaad fever 😥 I don’t even know how I managed to sit through to complete this one. Well, right at the start, I was so tired and had an aching body, that made me very clumsy. After drawing an intricate, reeeeely awesome design, I spilt water all over it and washed away all the lines 😦 By then, I was almost in tears 😀 And then, we just did whatever we could: the main intent was to finish it ASAP and get into bed 😦

My Thiruvonam‘s gonna be bad, sad and dull. Waaaaaaahhhhh 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦