Uthraada pookkalam

Today is “Uthraadam nakshathram. This is our Day 9 pookkalam.

Day 9 - Uthraadam

And  here’s what we designed on Day 1 – Atham, Day 2 – Chithira, Day 3 – Chothi, Day 4 – Vishakham, Day 5 – Anizham, Day 7 – Moolam and Day 8 – Pooraadam. 🙂

And I’ve fallen ill 😦 Baaaad fever 😥 I don’t even know how I managed to sit through to complete this one. Well, right at the start, I was so tired and had an aching body, that made me very clumsy. After drawing an intricate, reeeeely awesome design, I spilt water all over it and washed away all the lines 😦 By then, I was almost in tears 😀 And then, we just did whatever we could: the main intent was to finish it ASAP and get into bed 😦

My Thiruvonam‘s gonna be bad, sad and dull. Waaaaaaahhhhh 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

12 thoughts on “Uthraada pookkalam

  1. Get well soon, priya. This one is also nice.

    and since you are not feeling well, Buhahahhahahahahhahahaha !! look whos having the last laugh !!! or wait what was it – Nanananaa nanannanaa 😀 😀 😀 😀


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