Atham pathinu Thiruvonam :)

Aevarkkum Thiruvona aashamsakal !!! (Thiruvonam Day wishes to all of you!!!) 🙂

Finally, “Thiruvonam is here. This is our Day 10 pookkalam. It’s over 😦

Day 10 - Thiruvonam

And  here’s what we designed on Day 1 – Atham, Day 2 – Chithira, Day 3 – Chothi, Day 4 – Vishakham, Day 5 – Anizham, Day 7 – Moolam, Day 8 – Pooraadam and Day 9 – Uthraadam. 🙂

Happy Onam, everyone. 🙂 I hope you all had a lovely Onam.

23 thoughts on “Atham pathinu Thiruvonam :)

  1. wowwww! this one tops the la list indeed…wait a bit..was the one with th squares bettter? or pooradam pookalam???!!! u got me confused! kudos to u both..
    bt dnt tell me sooooo much of flowers were stolen 😛 😉 probably u bought th flowers for the thiruvonam day???:P


    • Hehe…thanks.
      Nope…of course, the jamanthis and the vaadamallis and the roses were bought…but the rest were all stolen.
      this pookkalam has very little stolen flowers….you know why? coz after i drew the design, amma assigned colours…finally, njnagal prev day moshticha pookkal idaan no space left!
      thr were a lot of left over flowers 😦 😦


  2. Happy Onam Priya. Am glad u fought the fever and celebrated with the festive spirit. 🙂

    Mom being with you would have added to the celebrities, right ???

    So, what all special dishes she made and you ate ??? 😉

    Brilliant display of colors and I love this flower arrangement. 🙂


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