What’s your dream?

Dreams…who doesn’t have them? What makes the difference, I suppose, is what we do about them. If we believe in them enough to make it more than just a dream — rather, a dream come true!IHaveADream_RashmiBansal
I have a Dream, by Rashmi Bansal, is an inspiring, motivating book that tells us how 20 different people decided to take the “good” further, and not for profits or their own growth. The book starts off with the famous speech of Martin Luther King’s: “I have a dream…that one day all of God’s children will be able to join hands and sing… Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” If that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what else will 😉
In the Author’s Note, Rashmi says “A tree is known by its fruit” and so the author’s note as it defines the book, best as “These are people like you and me, not Mother Teresa. They are using the principles of business, to create a better world” A world where profit does not equal greed where people come together for a greater common cause. A world where “I” does not mean crushing “them”. And this probably is what motivated me most to read the book till its final page.

Rashmi has done a great job at writing a simple, thought-provoking book, with inspiring examples—just a perfectly brilliant read for any aspiring entrepreneur.  The simplicity of the entire book is what I liked the most.

Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and youth expert.She is the author of two bestselling books on entrepreneurship.  ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ features the stories of 25 MBAs who left lucrative jobs to follow the rough road of entrepreneurship. The book created a new record in Indian publishing by selling over 300,000 copies and has been translated into 8 languages.  
Rashmi’s second book, ‘Connect the Dots’ focuses on non-MBA entrepreneurs. It has also been a bestseller, selling over 100,000 copies. More about Rashmi here!
I’m an active community service volunteer, and I love doing it. I’ve always felt I should just team up with a few people and start something off. But there’s always the fear that there will be quite a few obstacles, which we’re not prepared to handle and overcome, given our position and contacts. This book did bring to light the nitty gritties and the challenges other like-minded people faced, and overcame as well. I think this is a great book for every inspired volunteer, to go ahead and do the things they’ve always wanted to do – with more confidence, with more hope and with more belief in themselves and in their actions! 🙂
I will not give out much of the synopsis, or what the book has – not ever any excerpts. I loved the one about Akshay Patra the most, though I don’t know why. Among the many Rainmakers, Change Makers, and the Spiritual Capitalists, which one are you? Throughout the book, I kept trying to find out which one I fit into 😀 And well, I think I can safely say I’m a Rainmaker—though I’m no “entrepreneur” in the right sense of that word 😉 But yes, I’m not interested in “charity”, I rather prefer to just do good 🙂 Plus, I’m such a “rain” person 🙂
Wondering what I’m blabbering about? Get a copy of I have a Dream, and find out whether you’re a rainmaker, change maker or a spiritual capitalist :)Meanwhile, I wish you all a very meaningful Independence Day, and I hope you all have a dream for the betterment of our country — and get inspired to do something about it too 🙂
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30 thoughts on “What’s your dream?

  1. I didn’t apply for this book on Blogadda because I thought it wasn’t for me…. although I do have a few dreams myself… didn’t really interest me. Maybe i should…


  2. I haven’t read this one … but have read “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” by the same author … Really inspiring must say … So many real life examples to learn something from … Never be afraid to try to achieve something … At least you would be content that you atleast gave it a try 🙂


  3. Hey,

    Rashmi Bansal does write well- I own all three books and Connect the dots and I have a dream continue to inspire me on cold dark and mellow days!

    And yes, Akshaya Patra is an amazing organization- I’ve had an opportunity to understand these guys up close (I work for a behavior consulting firm that did a some work for AP)- Its an amazing experience to meet the men and women who work there and make a difference for kids of the world.

    Lovely post, and a must read for everyone who wants to move off the beaten track


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