Have the stars come down?

There’s a lovely, mesmerizing, sprawling estate. That’s where she lives, all alone, by herself. This estate has the tallest trees she has ever seen, and they’re all so close together, creating a dense forest-like atmosphere. The sprawling bungalow stands proudly somewhere in the centre of the estate, covered on all sides by these tall tress at a radius of about 100 metres. Within these 100 metres, sway hordes of beautiful flowers, croton plants, and some certain lavendar flower bearing trees.

It’s slowly getting dark outside, and the colours fade away politely to bring in the pitch black of the impending night. She puts away the book she’s reading, gets off her rocking chair and switches on the porch light. The feeble incandescence barely lights up the steps that lead down to the courtyard.

As she gets back to her rocking chair and takes the book in her hands once again, she realises she’s hungry — she hasn’t had a morsel since breakfast. So engrossing has the book been. She drops the book back on the chair and walks in.

The bungalow is a huge one. Most rooms in the bungalow are not used — yet, she opens all the huge, grill-less, open windows very morning, closes them before sunset. Today, however, she’s been caught up in the fast-paced pages of the book. That was a mistake. But it’s too early to realise that.

She walks into the kitchen and stands there for a moment, relishing the cool breeze that floated in uninvited. She fixes herself a nice, warm, yummy dinner. As she inhales the aromas of the various spices, it invigorates her, making her feel ecstatic.

That’s when the power suddenly goes out, leaving her in a kitchen lit only by the low flame of the stove — and as she looks out through the kitchen window, she sees only pitch black. And it looks like the stars have come down. As her eyes adjust to the moonlight, she freezes. For, what glitters like stars are glinting pairs of eyes — of many black panthers making their way stealthily towards the bungalow.

As the blood in her veins slows down its mad rush, she grabs at the windows, swing them close. She runs from room to room, swinging them all shut. And as she goes from the rooms facing east, to west to south, she realises the glittering pairs of eyes are covering the distance quickly, all around. The bungalow is surrounded by them!

As she closes the last but one window and turns to close the last one on the opposite wall, she sees lithe paws springing off the window sill, landing sexily on the room’s granite floor. 16 extended, sharp nails click on the cool granite.


I’m a person of very few dreams. I dream rarely — yes, really RARELY. And when I do have dreams, they’re extremely vivid, of undeniable details…sometimes extremely shocking.

Some are so real, I wonder if I was actually dreaming. there are incidents I’ve believed have really happened, only to later realise it was but a mere fragment of my imagination at work while I’m dozing! And these realizations strike when I discuss those incidents with other people who were with me “then” in the dream, and they look at me blankly, saying “What? When?”.

Of all such dreams, the one that has given me shivers every time is the one with the estate and the bungalow! This is a recurring dream, one I’ve dreamt at least 15 times, and I’m NOT exaggerating! I’ve had the same dream that many times, and it was always the same setting, the same time, the same bungalow, the same glinting eyes *trembles*. And every time, at that same moment, when 16 extended, sharp nails click on the cool granite, I wake up, heart thudding away, super-glad to find that I’m in my safe bed, on the road-side house in far-away Trivandrum or Bangalore (yes, I’ve had this dream while I was in Trivandrum, and after I came over here).

I do hope my dreams don’t come true! Shudder!

61 thoughts on “Have the stars come down?

  1. What a beautiful narration – brought shivers down my spine!

    15 times of the same thing as this one must be draining…
    Now that you have put your dream into words and spoken out your fear here,
    it may just act as a closure to the unfinished dream.

    [Psst: Next time let the dream run its course and may you find the courage to fling the treacherous creature out the very same window πŸ™‚ ]


  2. Absolutely wonderful narration…but a very scary dream indeed !!
    You are just like me, for I too rarely dream and when I do I too tend to remember vivid details of all I saw πŸ˜€

    I agree with Alwayshappykya, next time, don’t wake up till you get rid of each of those panthers and successfully shut all the windows πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  3. Shuddering at your dream – you know there are people who actually analyze dreams – why dont you ask them what this might mean ! I have a recurring dream too – but its a lot less scary than yours – I dream that I have flunked my math exam !


      • Magnificent setting :- Enjoy all the good things in life, maybe indulging too much !
        Reading in spite of being hungry :- love of books , possibly bad cooking skills as well ! πŸ˜‰
        Panthers :- deep fear of living alone

        Once you kill the panthers you’ll lead a more fulfilling life.

        Please debit 100 Riyals (since im in doha now) for the psychic mind reading. πŸ˜›
        Love your blogs by the way, keep em coming sis.


  4. You have the makings of an excellent story-teller in you πŸ™‚
    Your dreams is indeed vivid in its details. I have similar recurring dreams. They resemble something like what you see in the movie ‘The day after tomorrow’ and I started seeing those dreams years BEFORE I ever saw the movie.
    I looked up about my dream on the net πŸ™‚


  5. I am intrigued Priya. Why do you get that dream over and over again? Perhaps you have a fear of the dark, or wild creatures, or the jungle? Like the rest of us don’t. πŸ˜›
    I also hope the dream never comes true in any part but it did make for very gripping reading.


  6. I don’t think you need an interpreter for this one 😎 This is a simple dream which is warning you of a grave danger……………….the bungalow is indeed your’s..the one you have in Trivandrum and the Panther is none other than Vimmu πŸ‘Ώ 😈

    Ps: Your story narration is awesome, made me take a look at my own open window 😯


    • err a lil correction there…I think ‘Bandhar’ would be a more appropriate term to describe vimmuu πŸ˜› …hehe.. I totally agree with yakshi,u better get ur house cleansed with holy water and “Neeli bringadi” hair oil with special pictures of hairy women to ward off tht evil bandar !


    • ROFL. Awesome interpretation! I agree. completely. Only, I’ve had this dream even before i knew this panther. Guess at that point, it was a premonition to a bad future.

      Haha…thanks! That’s quite a compliment πŸ˜‰


  7. of all the days..i decided to come by ur blog last nite..didn finish reading till the end..coz it gave me creeps.. i have been living alone for the last 2 1/2 weeks and i jus decided this wasnt the best thing to read while i m alone. so nw read it in office and ya i hope u dnt get such dreams anymore…but then i loved the way u described the whole thing πŸ™‚ tc!


  8. There is this one particular dream/ nightmare that has come time and again in the past. Its me and not exactly my family but characters resembling them and how we go into a new house and slowly realise there are zombies/ghosts.. And in the end the house catches fire and we are trying to escape. Since i havent had it for quite a while now the details are hazy but I have experienced this dream time and again to know the jist of it. As always well narrated!


  9. i don’t have the same setting in my dreams but i have dreamt of panthers and leopards a lotttt! Anyway, I think you should just accept it instead of getting scared.. and it might go away then πŸ™‚


  10. So, six years down the line do you still have this dream which btw is really scary. I initially felt you are writing a fictional piece. I have never had a dreamless night. But I never get such recurring dreams. The only peculiar thing about the dreams I remember is they are always in the same place… In my mother’s village. I would be sitting in my college but the location of my college would be my village. Everytime the same place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The same dream, nope. But I frequently dream of big cats. Lions, tigers, panthers, etc. are constantly either chasing me or cornering me or sniffing around (while I stay absolutely still, stiff scared), and I always always wake up before they attack 😐 Just a week ago was the latest.
      And despite all these, I LOVE THESE ANIMALS πŸ™‚ I think they are absolutely beautiful, esp tigers!

      Interesting, the consistency in location of your dreams πŸ™‚


      • You might have some bad experience from your previous life. That’s the only way to explain these dreams. I always google my dreams, the ones I remember though I m yet to find anything of substance.
        And I love these animals too. They are magnificent. Only seen lions and panthers in zoo but have seen tigers in real life… It’s a terrifying experience. When my mom was a teenager, a tiger almost attacked her. My nana’s dog came in between and lost his life. So, your dreams have been someone’s reality. 😌


  11. I too had the same dream over and over when I was a child. I used not to remember it in the morning, and it terrified me, till one day I remembered it all. There was nothing awful about it but…
    The same dream stopped as soon as I changed location.
    Have you tried changing the bed’s position?

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    • Oh yes, I’d tried it all. I even moved cities πŸ˜›
      I haven’t had this specific dream in a few years, but big cats are a frequent constant in many of my dreams. I have no clue why.
      And, welcome to my blog! πŸ™‚


    • Hehe. No, never. And, I’m a complete dog person, so I am hugely biased toward them. That’s not to say I dislike cats. I do like them. As for the big cats, I LOVE them and think they’re all beautiful. If I watch Nat Geo, I love their shows with big cats the most. If I visit a zoo, I spend most time watching lions, tigers and leopards.


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