I miss you…

…so very much.

I wish I never let you go. I wish I’d held on to my selfishness and held on to you stronger. I also wish I had not got so attached to you. Well, you gave me no option, did you, but to love you so much, so deeply, so genuinely…you being you?

It is heart breaking to go home now. There is no one waiting for me, no hugs, no wet kisses, no show of emotions that lets me know that I’d been missed, and it’s great to have me home. There is nothing you left behind, for me to hold on to when I miss you like crazy; all I have now are some photographs of those happy days, which I go over every single day, remembering those precise moments, those days of pure joy—and love.

Everything I do now—right from when I wake up in the morning, to when I go to bed—I wonder what you’d have done if you were here…how you’d have reacted…how I may have done it differently, just for you…how much happier I’d have been, having you, knowing you’re there, every moment.

A full day at home is so unbelievably depressing. I have no one to talk to for hours together; no one to just sit with in silence and feel absolutely content; no one to take a walk with on a nice evening; no one to share my cookie with; no one to pester and generally have some fun with; no one to drive me mad and then make me laugh; no one to hug and cry my heart out when I’m depressed; no one to look at me calmly and let me know it’ll be OK; no one that is YOU.

Why, oh why, did I let you go? What was I thinking? I never knew anyone could bring such meaning into my life, mean so much to me, and then just drive off one morning breaking my heart into a million pieces…and leaving me to deal with a difficult life all by myself.

Please come back. I’m so in love with you, I can’t bear to not have you by my side. Can’t live without seeing you everyday…hugging you every moment I can, telling you how much I love you, and just how glad I am that I have you in my life. And right now, I really need you with me. Really, really. Come back…

Pumbaa, please come back. I miss you…so very much, Chakkare 😦


Edited to add (after I realised people are worried about what happened to Pumbaa): He is totally fine, vacationing with my parents, in Trivandrum…and will be back only by end of March. Been over a month since he left 😦 😦 😦 And while we’re at it, I miss my parents too 😀

34 thoughts on “I miss you…

    • Hehehe…yea, i guess it leave quite a lot to imagination otherwise.
      He does not really seem to miss me much, which is why i’m even more concerned 😀 😀
      All’s OK, not very good 😀 Hope to blog more often 🙂 Thanks!


    • Hehehe…that was not the intention, really. I’m soooo used to considering him a person, it did not occur to me that people may think i’m perhaps writing about someone human 😀 😀
      Hehe…yea, sometimes they tend to get sidelined (and my mom is good at noticing things like that, sigh) in all that love for the little fur ball 😉


    • 😀 😀 😀
      Sowwwiiee 😀
      Thaaanks, I hope so too. We’re actually thinking of going earlier and getting him back. looks like school is reopening sooner this time, so vacation will need to be cut short 😀
      Yea, i sing that all the time 😀


  1. Only if Pumbaa had the ability to write, we all could have read a different version of this post – one that of freedom and independence ! 😀 😀 😀

    Jokes aside, when it comes to pets, I learnt one thing Priya, – never get attached to them! I am not as half attached as you are with my snowy, but now he is going through a very bad time…very very bad time…and I am not able to console myself on something that could happen anytime! He is 12 years old, could be out of old age, pakshe he is suffering a lot and theres nothing that we could do about it. He has been taken care extremely well and I salute my mom for all that she has been doing for him. and the lill one, he is so brave! Never seen anyone like him !


    • Thendiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (Pumbaa calls out to you in Mukesh style, for making horrible statements about him).

      Hehehe…i’ve been thru that a couple of times. Ennalum, tough not to get so attached… And i definitely like dogs than i like most people 😀 esp you!

      Paaaaaavam Snowy 😦 i don’t know what to say…hugs and kisses to him.


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