44 thoughts on “Faceoff!

  1. !@)(#%&$@>”{?”{?”{?”{?<|[/.,\;:' !!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛

    manasilaayilllaaaaa???? (salim kumar style)

    It translates to – I will use how much ever punctuation marks I want '!!!' hmmmpphh '!!!!' 😛 😛 😛 😛

    I am basically a very expressive person, so you will have to bear with my punctuation marks '!!!!' 😛 😛 😛 😛

    and heyyy, my mail was the only one that atleast showed some 'care' '!!!!!!' nanni venam panni '!!!!' :mrgreen:

    Btw, what was that orkut thing you were talking about '?????' Went over my head '!!!' 😛 😛 😛 😛

    Totally agree with the post; I have been wanting to write something similar, not happening '!!!!'

    But that is not the topic of discussion '!!!' Write all you want about me; abuse me; scold me; but why…why this kolaveri against good old spidey '????' What wrong has he done '!!!' Is this what you give in return to a poor person who spends day and night swaying between buildings trying to save you from the hands of evil and giving you peaceful nights '????' and unlike other superheroes, he atleast knows how to dress decently and comes out even in the day time for your safety '!!!!'

    ningal adhehathey kurichu ortho '???' adheham cheyydha nalla kaaryangale kurichu ortho '???' adheham illengil ningalude avastha, adhine kurichu ortho '???' enne inganey vedanippikkarudu kochey '!!!' 😦 😦 😦

    oh btw, i added a 'few' emoticons here, just in case you get irritated with my punctuation marks. Hope you dont mind 😀 😀 😀 😀


    • 😀 😀

      Ithenthonnu? A whole post in response? 😀

      Ohhhh, so YOU are the punctuation-overdose guy 😀 expressive indeed 😀

      Hehehe…care indeed 😀 aaaand, panni ninte…. 😀

      Ee essay-de edakku you actually maanged to write ONE little sentence about the post 😀 thanks tto…nanniyundu panniii nanniyundu 😀 😀

      spiderman swaying between buildings does not really save me from any evils. like, really does not! and especially at nights, him swaying between buildings, i’m sure, WILL NOT give anyone any peace…unless it gives him some, with a different spelling 😀 yikes!! i cant believe i actually wrote that.

      stop corrupting my innocence, you pseudo spidey 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  2. congratulations! 🙂 guess this should be called “nirvana” 😀
    I wanted greater control over my FB (in)activity. so i let it remain alive and am oblivious to it. feels good you know, to tell my FB profile “Yoohoo.. I’m here.. but u cant get me!” 😉
    I’ll give you a reason to delete your FB account forever. U can request for back up of your FB profile. FB will give everything to u in a zip file. u cud show it to Pumbaa in your PC itself. 🙂
    let us know when u pull the plug (for good) 🙂


  3. LOL!!!! In past 3.5 years and have deactivated/ deleted/ reactiavted my FB account some 4-5 times.
    I have never really liked the ho hallah around it & am always a,used with the speed that a photo gets “liked” I mean within seconds of posting I start getting notifications as if ppl are sitting waiting for me to upload. No, seriously!

    And the updates that you have talekd about are the ones that irritate me the most. Givign every second account of their life is supposedly cool. huh!!!!!


    • I swear…sometimes I feel some people have their lives twirled around FB’s little finger 😀
      I know 😀 Almost like there’s no paparazzi following me since i’m no celebrity, so i shall be my own paparazzi 😀


  4. Hahah I could kinda guess the identity of the “friend” 😛 And the first comment was pretty evident I guess 🙄 Sigh…

    Yea even I have a lot of friends who add me for the sake of adding me and then never even say a hi!! 😐 Some of them are snoopy and just wanna see my pics…how my life turned out, whom am I dating or married to, what kind of life I have!! 😛 So I add them, and give limited access to my pics 😛 😀
    And later unfriend them when I see that they have little else to do after befriending me!

    And one of the reasons I’m still keeping my account is because the pics 🙂 I have lots of memories of student days…stay abroad… and trips taken… with the comments that genuine friends put on it…. that makes it a treat to read and watch later on…especially when I’m feeling low and need some cheering up. 🙂
    Plzzz don’t take away Puumbaa’s pics… he looks so adorable 🙂 🙂 I turn to mush while watching his puppy pics…and love your captions on it! 😀 Glad to know u haven’t totally deleted it.


    • Hehe…totally!

      Yea…for some people, it’s a status symbol…having “xxxxxx” number of friends! Pffft.
      I read recently that FB now allows people to opt for notifications if they are unfriended, or if a friend request is ignored/rejected. That was the last straw. I decided that I did not want to be answerable to anyone over “why don’t you want me on your friend list?” Baaah!

      Hehehe…awwwww…now don’t tempt me to activate it already. You know I’ll do anything for Pumbaa (and his admirers’) sake 😀


  5. I understand you. I deleted my FB and stayed away for a year. But then had to remake one. :-/ I basically make sure to connect with bloggers and the like over there. haven’t added real life people yet. 😛


  6. I hv deleted my Orkut, Twitter and every other possible account too 😉 Hv only the FB one which I mostly use for maintaining my groups and pages, and ofcos like photos and comments at times 😉 😉
    Enjoy the phase 🙂


  7. its funny you know I am a man and the foto of simba on my account also attracts a lot of people.. who want to be friends , there is a long list of people who are waiting for my apporval. I wonder if all these people who send friend requests they even know who they are sending it too…

    I hardly am on FB only to put a link of a new article that i have written or to make a remark on some funny stuff going on … I find it as a waste of space and as usuall too much time given to something that is a complete waste of time … and You see so many people spend hours and hours on it .. I mean dont they have anything better to do …

    What makes me angry i must say is people who want to be friends but never talk, I mean if you have sent a friend request at least say hello .. is that not what friends do , or is the word FRIEND jsut for the sake of it on FB …


    • hehehe…some people just want a 5 digit number on their friends list…i dont know wht they benefit out of it, really. 😀

      exactly…hours together, updating every bit of their lives. aaargh!!

      hehe…yea…the dictionaries will need to be updated. “Friend (FB) can mean…”


  8. I laughed over the post again and again! Just spoke my mind priya! I have attempted to hibernate from FB a couple of times, but just came back. I do the same thing. Open chrome – type FB, new tab – blogger, new tab – flickr! They are so addictive. And ROFL at the bulb!
    I am so equally pissed off with constant update on weather and what they are doing, and where they are peeing! To top it up, therez stupid links that they click on and it flashes 100 odd messages in my page. And people unnecessarity tag us! I have 500+ in my friends list, and hardly speak with them!


    • Hehehe…it’s true 😀 i dont even feel like i’ve exagerrated 😉

      hehe…i used to barely have 100…and that itself began getting annoying! 500+?? How many do you even know? 😀

      Oh yea…dont even get me started on the tagging!


  9. Firstly thank you for telling me that I can deactivate the FB account..I had no clue that could be done *Goes off the research on that*

    and comes back to add that

    I can so relate to the
    oh I woke up with a coffee by hubby dear’ etc etc..or people going cho chweet to a little girl’s video in which she is throwing a tantrum *ask a mother of a little girl who is throwing a tantrum, there is NOTHING sweet about it, trust me!*


    • Hehehe…you’re most welcome! 🙂

      ROFL … now THAT is a good one. I’ve never thought about it from that perspective. Yea, such videos can be irritating when you’re nOT having fun going through that, i understand (now)!


  10. Oh wow…join the gang, how long u plan to be on the deacitve mode? Well I do go offline and all, stop notifications to cell and e-mails, but never deleted or deactivated, but yes wonder why people do it, if it really bothers you keep distance.
    Well with me one week is more than I can be away from FB, being a very nosy person, I need to know who did what with whom and why? How many parties was I not invited to and who else was and what did they wear, who repaeated which outfit and …..
    Oh so you get the picture na, dont know how we survived without FB!

    Great blog u got, was my first time here, read you pup-posts too but as am not an animal prerson, no comments.


  11. This post strikes a chord as I too deleted … er … de-activated my FB account a week back. And for all the reasons that you have stated. But more than anything else, I was B.O.R.E.D. Next step Twitter and then my Google +

    Nice blog, Scorpria. 🙂


    • Welcome to AlphabetWorld! 🙂

      I was bored too. Reached a fatigue point! I signed up on Twitter 3 years ago, never figured it out and lost interest in a matter of days 😀 I still get mails about random people following me; for what, I have NO CLUE.

      Google+ did not fascinate me much either. I think the FB fatigue spilled over everywhere!! 😀

      Thanks 🙂


  12. you use mozilla and type in urls?? why not have bookmarks?? Hmm I use facebook to just connect and stay in touch. I dont pay so attention to who is updating what, how mundane that is or not, if that person has liked my stuff or not, how much fakeness is there etc etc etc. I am totally zen towards every social media platform. I just do what I want to do,


    • Well, there is something i have against bookmarks, I don’t know why 😀

      Hehehe…well, FB became a fatigue to follow through…and I’m more close to my blog. Allows me to say in as many words as I want, what I want to say. And it’s not really for the whole wide world to feel ‘compelled’ to comment on. I like that.


  13. How could you???????????????????????????????????????????
    That too after I helped evangelize your blogs (which you are so proud of and possessive about) through the ever expanding world of social media! Do you know how many people subscribed to your blog after I posted it on my FB? I second Vimmu. “Nanni venamedi…” (the rest I will say F2F)!!!!!!
    And, I am never ever going to delete/deactivate my FB account!!!!!!!! It is my life! It is my pyaaaar! It is my everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The only thing I am going to do is not open it, as I have been doing for months now 🙂
    Another thing, dont claim an idea as your own unless it is yours! Who gave you this brilliant idea of de-activating it? Please acknowledge the contribution of Hobbes in your blog!!!!!!
    P.S. The additional/extra exclamation marks are just for effect 😀


    • How could I? “Go to Account settings, select Privacy, select De-activate, tell them ‘This is temporary. I’ll be back’, and click ‘Yes’ (or whatever the final option is).” 😀 😀

      ROFL. Talk about ahankaaram. Evangelize my blog polum. BHA. And that’s a B.H.A.!!! (Vimmuuu, stay out of this, it is not P.H.A!) And you are NOT to gang up with Vimmuuu of all people! Ugh. (And while we are on the topic, he gets pretty upset if you misspell his name 😀 There are 2 extra “u”s…some numerology crap about how to stay married despite extensive wife-bashing on the blog and all :D)

      “It is my life! It is my pyaaaar!” ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I KNOW how much you love it. Please, don’t do anything drastic; not your style anyways; and well, the truth remains that you can’t! 😀 Buhahahahaha 😀 There! Challenge 😀 😀

      I gave myself that brilliant idea (I have proof 😉 ). You perhaps gave it to yourself, but could never get to actually doing it 😛 Okay, you did help me figure out how to do it, and I think you lso said ‘Congrats’ when I told you I did it. Or did you? 😀

      P.S. to P.S.: You!!!! Stop using exclamation marks. Those are mine to use. Please use another punctuation mark (excessively) and resubmit your comment 😀


      • How rude ! If he wants to second me, let him !!!

        btw, what did he say F2F ??? I so want to listen to that; I could third him for that !!!!

        PS to PS to PS : If I use the punctuation marks extensively, you go ‘Oho’ ! and when you use it, its ‘Aha’ !!!!!!

        PS (new) : Its vimmuuu because, its got a meaning ! Hmmpphh !!!

        PS (new again) : Its always been P.H.A. !!! stop misleading people !!!!!!!!!!


  14. Well am off facebook too!! as you said deactivated… don’t think I will get back!!!!!
    I want to keep using exclamation marks in my comment!!!!! 🙂

    How have you been?


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