I’m 28 today :)

And I feel great🙂 Not worried about the 30s looming ahead, I’ve no clue why. I’ve heard just too many of my friends worrying about being close to turning 30. Just finished chatting with a cousin, who said she’s terrified she’ll be 30 in two years😀 Well, so will I; but I’m not bothered. No worries at all, about having turned a year older. In fact, I don’t even feel 28. I still feel 22. That’s when I first got out of the comfort of home and hometown, and stepped into a new city for good, and joined a college for my post graduation course. Ever since, it’s been a string of “new”s…be it cities, companies, job roles, people, situations. So, every new thing that comes along, makes me feel what I felt when I was 22. I’m stuck there, and I like it😀

So, on to the birthday news…

I got wished close to 18 hours in advance by Hobbes. For some reason I just don’t understand, he seems to think I have a special kind of birthday that extends from start of 1st Nov to end of 2nd Nov. Interesting. Anyways, when I laughed at him for doing this every year (well, last year he was in the U.S., and he said it was because of all the timezone disorientation🙄 ), he said he was in Goa, and time zones work differently there because of all the alcohol in the Goan air. And also, that he just wanted to be the first one to wish me, that’s all. Veenidathu kidannurundu, athra thanne.😀

I was wished at midnight by the husband, and given a massive, pretty cake with icing in the most awesome colours🙂 I’d have liked to just freeze that cake and keep if forever. I had already tucked myself in to bed, and the first thing i managed to say (signature style) is “Gosh, you shouldn’t have! This is where you went off, in the name of a haircut!?”. Then I dragged myself out, took a couple of pictures, promptly blew the candles off, cut a tiny piece, helped myself to it, gave a bit to him, thanked him, and jumped back in under the covers.


The Queen of Subtlety, when I texted her last night saying I’d be working from home today (for obvious reasons, birthday and work), threw a fit saying I was lying, that she knows I just want to avoid office on the second of November. Well, we all avoid office on our birthdays, she also did. So I was a little baffled by all the accusations. Anyways, after that she sneered at me with a “you wont be awake at 12, I presume”, to which I let out a deep, long sigh and quietly said “lol, yes I will. pls call (to wish)”. I was falling off my chair by 11 itself, but I thought I should stay up and wait for Her Majesty’s call.12 came and went. 12.01 came and went. 12.05 came and went. 12.10 came and went. 12.15 came and went. Well, you get the drift, right? So, me being me, called HER up. And guess what? She did not pick up😀 So I called again. This time, after the 4th ring-ring, she answered. This conversation followed:

She: Hello…
Me: What behaviour IS this!?
She: Ehe ehe…I am so sorry, I slept off. Happy birthdayyyy.
Me: Yeah, I thought so! After making me stay up, you useless [in my mind I added ‘piece of shit’]
She: You won’t believe it…I stayed on till 11.45, telling myself it’s just 15 more mins…and next thing i know, there’s drool and my phone is ringing…ehe ehe
Me: Yeah, I figured!
She: But I still love you.
Me: I’m supposed to be telling YOU that!
She: Ooops.
Me: So much for being surprise queen, you bloody…I’ve never been THIS surprised before. I’ve got to be the first one to call someone to make them wish me! Pffft.
She: See, this is what happens when you don’t like surprises…this was all planned, this was my surprise for you.
Me: Realllly?
She: Damn, I should’ve said this earlier. AND. This does NOT go out to the public.
Me: I can’t wait to call the other two and tell them this.
She: Fiiiiineah! Be that way! [it is at this point that she sounded like herself; till then, there was a thick coating of embarrassment blanketing her voice, making her sound like a tiny little butterfly crushed under the weight of 3 quilts and 4 pillows!]

The in-laws called in the morning and wished me. Soon after, I called my mom to remind her it’s my birthday. Guess i know her just too well, she’d completely forgotten. Again, “What behaviour is this!? I have just one birthday every year, and you forget that!?” And then comes an apology, a round of laughter and the “Happy birthday”😀 Oh, this happens most times, and I make it a point to remind people to wish me😀 Then i teased them all for forgetting Pumbaa’s birthday, and now mine too. Anyway, that shows that we’re both treated equally in the house😀 Which is a good thing. Comparing me to him is always a flattery. Like how she once saw a picture of mine and said “Pretty. Almost as good-looking as Pumbaa. Almost.”😀

Then came the gifts! Two pairs of shoes, hand painted by a sweet friend. One featuring my favouritest being on earth, Pumbaa, and the other featuring my favouritest being-I-wish-existed, Calvin & Hobbes. I guess the husband wasn’t sure which one of these I love more, and decided to go ahead with both. of the two pairs, I must admit I love the one with Pumbaa more😀 Thanks tonnes, Biji🙂 Let me endorse Hue Fetish here! And, after a full ten minutes of receiving and jumping up and down at the joy of having those shoes, he asked me if it occurred to me to thank him at all😀 Which I then did like a meek child. Ahem.



Ok, that’s all for now. I just HAD to write down the spectacle that The Queen of Subtlety is, before I would forget that brilliant midnight conversation😉 but I did not want to dedicate another entire post on her, or she’ll start thinking too highly of herself😀

Thank you, everyone, for the wishes. The ones that were never expected, turned out to be extra sweet. And, thank God for the Internet and webcams🙂

And while we are at it, Happy Birthday, Shah Rukh Khan🙂

Now, I really have to get back to work:-/

37 thoughts on “I’m 28 today :)

  1. You bum. not enough you had to tell ” the other two”, you had to tell the whole world” pfffftttt. and Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan?! You bum, You hate him! And by now all your followers must think I have horns…. can’t let her think too much of herself I believe… Geezzzaaaassss….. things i tolerate from my “supposed” BFF!!! You’re stoooooopid! PS: I love you.

    • Well, in my defense, i never told “the other two”, YOU did😀
      Well, I don’t hate him as a person; in fact, I think he is an AWESOME talker, entertainer…very spirited, dynamic. But as actor, sucks (except for a few like Swades and Chak De), but I always tolerated him till he tried to look like a famished lizard in Om Shanti Om😀
      Well, you do have horns!😀 Which is why you’re ‘Princess’ in this country where there is no monarchy!😛
      Aah okay, I love you too:-/

  2. First things first. These days you are mentioning me in almost every post with Pumba. In the same paragraph as him, if not the same sentence. Now I’M flattered!!😀😀

    The cake looks delish!! Let’s meet to Tvm once and head to Ambrosia. Enikku kothi vannittu vaiyya!!😛😛
    So the rest of it must be waiting for u in the fridge right??

    And I m sooooper impressed by the shoes!! Freaking good work I say!😀 Wow!!

    (BTW hugsssssssss to chakkara pummmbbbaaaa🙂 )

    P.S.: The only thing I hate about moving closer to 30 is that folks around are reminding me about my biological clock and how I should have a kid right away!! Like I m an ATM machine or something…. press a button and pop comes out the baby!🙄😛 I m sure u must be facing the nonsense urself…how do u manage??

    • Lol, we seem to be doing a good job of flattering each other🙂

      Hehe…amb sucks now, i think. It was heaven when we never knew anything out of Trivandrum😀 But I’ve heard of other new places we can try😀 Yep, there is cake in the fridge even today!!!

      I know…i love how well they painted Pumbaa!

      Well, not really. People asked me a couple of times…and then I said anyway the world is meant to end by 2012, so why bring ina new life? Aadyam athinoru theerumaanam aakatte ennu😀 Ppl are so disgusted with me, no one asks anymore😀

      • Yeah I agree with you, Ambrosia no longer has the ambience of the good old days. They were THE BEST when I was in school…. used to hang out there all the time.
        But their food is still as yummy….so these days I just get take-home parcels😛 if at all I go there, that is.

        OMG!!! You actually told them that reply???😯 Would you believe I did too???!!!😀😀😀 See? I knew there is more to our connection than just Pumba!!😆

  3. Warmest B’day wishes Priya!!
    Know that feeling all too well… I feel like I’m just 25😉 , though I wouldnt want to be stuck at that age!

    Love the colours on the cake.. and the shoes are ooooh so cute🙂

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