Day 1: Getting back to blogging…

…proved mighty challenging for a long time. My last post in here was mid of 2014. Yikes. So, when Swaram posted on FB asking for participation to NaBloPoMo, I jumped at it. A lot of the ‘old timers’, who probably thought I died sometime in the past two years, had signed up. This was my chance. To get back in touch with them, make the come back I had so wanted to for a long time, and have a grand start! Plus, my best friend recently told me she hates me for having a blog that’s more popular than hers. On what counts, I’m clueless. Always feels good to spite her a bit 😛 😛 😛

Only, I’ve had the grandest start! Hospital, nebulisation, IV and X-Ray. Because I’ve been sick for the past 6 days and hacking away to glory. All of me hurts. My insides hurt. Feels like somebody punched me right through my ribs. My fingers shake if I even think of lifting one of those really heavy glasses of water. I am constantly hungry but balk at the sight of food.

But yay – here I am, posting my first post in over two years (last minute panic always works, I tell ya!)  That alone feels good. Plus being in the care of a loving heart.

This has got to qualify for a post, because I cannot type anymore. I think I’ve said enough and more here about my threshold for pain…and where the IV needle feasted on my left arm for a few hours today – hurts!

That’s for now, folks. Have some serious coughing to get back to!