Day 3: The Age of the Coco Puzhu!

I don’t know if it is just me — but whenever I’m unwell, I have an appetite that highly belies my size. Since the time I was a kid. I would always be allergic to all things food, till I fell sick. My mother was (and still is) constantly amazed at this. As a kid when I did this, she used to ask me “Ninte vayaril kokopozhu ondo!?” and that used thrill me beyond limits! My eyes would light up, and I’d rub my tummy and go “Ngaaa!” Well, in plain English, it only meant “worms in the tummy”. But, in my tiny head, a kokopuzhu was the cutest, most chocolatey being. I was proud to be it’s home-tummy. It wasn’t until Google showed me a pic years later that I stopped being proud (in fact, I may have mentally puked at the thought too).

Anyways, the kokopuzhu lived in me only till the fever passed. And then, I would become allergic to food again.

These things are supposed to pass as you grow up. Clear indication that I haven’t grown up yet 😀 Hmmmm…I think my theme for this NaBloPoMo should be about not growing up. I have many stories to prove this point.

Anyway – I’ve been living with a HUNGRY tummy the past few days. I’m constantly hungry and wanting all sorts of things that are NOT good for my current condition. Biriyani. Guntur Chicken. Pizza. American Sechuan Corn. Chicken Ghee Roast. An English Breakfast. Waffles, pancakes and a mushroom-spinach omelette!

And all I’m actually getting to eat is kanji. Kashtam thanne! There – it has arrived. Let me slurp it up.
*Can’t wait for tomorrow, in the hope that I can wolf all of this own*