Day 6: NaBloPoMo: Why!?

Sigh. Really, why did I take this up? Did I think I would be sick and away from work all of this month? Did I think I’d have ample time to churn out post after post every day? Did I think I’d get time to even THINK of reading my fellow bloggers’ posts!? Did I think there wouldn’t be hoardes of posts marked up for reading (and that I wouldn’t fail at it)!?

Seriously, why!?

I’m now back at work, back to being in my eternal sleeplessness, back to being tired all the time. And these medicines, they’re not helping me one bit. Not one bit!

Hoping this tiny little rant (I’m too tired to even rant!) qualifies for a post 😛 No one is reading my posts anyway (and no complaints since I am not reading anyone’s either – sob, sniff, wailllll)! I don;t think anyone even notices whether I’ve posted or not 😉

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