Day 8: Back Where I BeLOnG!

When I set out to take on the NaBloPoMo Challenge, I had not blogged in 2.5 years. Not weeks or months, but years! And I was taking on a commitment to blogging every single day for the next 30 days!

Knowing myself fully well, I was near sure I’d give up right before I was due to begin, especially given the highly unfavourable conditions I was under 😛

A week into the challenge, I’ve not failed.

  • Have I been blogging the way I used to long ago? No.
  • Have I been taking my time to write a good draft, then review it and make sure it reads well to my liking? No.
  • Have I been linking to other blogs and following some of those basic blogging etiquette? No.
  • Have I been posting any pictures at all, which I once used to religiously do along with (almost) every post? No.
  • Have I been reading other bloggers’ posts and commenting? No. (Except, today I did, quite a lot — and made me realise what a lot of amazing content I’m missing out on by not doing it more consistently!)
  • Have I been writing from the sheer joy of writing, rather than to fulfil a commitment? No.


  • Have I been enjoying the past one week I spent in this much-loved space? YES!
  • Have I been grateful to Swaram for pulling me in? YES!
  • Have I been glad to get out my hibernation? YES!
  • Have I been happy to get Back Where I BeLOnG? YES, YES, YES!

It’s not easy, getting back to something you’ve been so out of touch with. Takes grit, will and an enormous amount of convincing self to go ahead with it. The first time I attempted it, it brought back a loving heart into my life. The next time I did something like this, I LOVED it. And now, this.

I think I ought to revisit my life and see if there is anything I decided not to walk headlong into just because I’d thought it would be tough 😛 I’m sure as hell to love it and be glad for taking the plunge. I guess when the negativity flows out of your life and leaves all that space free, good things automatically begin journeying towards you to fill up that void. Truly, “Acche Din” are here 😉

And that’s especially true today, for other obvious (but rarely) patriotic reasons! I’m still dazed (it happened) and amazed (yay, it happened) at the end of the 500-1000 saga! It’s against my personal blog policies to dwell on serious political/economic issues in this space, so I shall not. But I really cant help being overjoyed, and yet still amazed it actually is happening! Such a radical move. Bravo!

14 thoughts on “Day 8: Back Where I BeLOnG!

  1. I agree… this challenge has gotten me to write and that is most important!
    Even though I have been missing days – it’s not like I am missing months of not writing 😀
    I’m glad you are writing again 🙂

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  2. I really liked the way you have written this post.. it oozes out positivity and gives us all reasons to keep on writing.. I identify totally with so many things you have written.. and about the money matters… yes I am sure many before thought about it, but it’s only Modi who really hauled it out of the stadium isn’t it ???
    take care


    • Awww thankie!
      Yeah – someone had to do it! And it stuns me that (apparently) educated people who are not the “hoarder” kinds still have a problem with this, all because of a few difficulties they will go through for 2 days while the bank is closed. Jeeez. Then stop complaining about the country going downhill. Ok – I shall not rant when you’ve praised me for oozing positivity 😛


  3. I nodded my head all along with every point you wrote nay-ing and aye-ing! I mean, no matter how nonsensical my post may seem to me at times, there’s a wonderful sense of belonging that this challenge has brought out. So glad for that. YES all thanks to Swaram!

    There’s a certain kind of hand-holding amongst us which is so wonderful no 🙂

    Keep writing! Hope to see you around more often. Hugs!

    As for the currency note, it sure is a VERY bold move by the govt. I hope it does work out for the better.


  4. I think we all need such push and challenges from time to time. It is so wonderful to surprise ourselves. I needed this daily blogging challenge too. Though I have a hectic schedule and travel too, but I am glad I plunged in and somehow, I am able to manage daily posting. *Touch wood*.Good to see you blogging after a long time and keep sharing! Cheers 🙂


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