Day 12: What’s with this place and me…

…and sickness!

Int he past seven months I’ve been here, I’ve been ill so many times, it’s just not funny anymore 😦 Yes, new place, new climatic conditions, all that I get. but this is just a bit too much!

A few weeks into reaching here, I developed this really bizarre pain in my feet. It was on my left foot first, then it moved to the right. And it was so bad, I could not walk! So, I took 2 days off work in my first month itself.

Then once I thought that was over, it came back! I took a day off again.

Then once that was truly over, I sprained my back and neck and could not really move much. So, I took 2 days off again!

Then I went to India for 2 days 🙂 It was a happy time…though coming back was not! On the way to the airport, I knew I was falling sick. I landed back here, came home and fell sick for a full week. It was HORRIBLE! I took 5 days off. Not to mention that it was Ramadan time — worst time to fall sick. And my support system was on annual leave in India. I really saw stars. Bah.

Then, last month, I fell sick — bad case of viral attack — and was in bed for a week again! 5 days off!

Three weeks ago, I developed this rather annoying cough, and all kinds of associated feverishness. I have been battling it ever since. Though I’m far better, the cough still persists. It is so annoying. And rather tiring.

What is it with this place and me? 😦 I think Kuwait dislikes me as much as I dislike it. Well, I don;t dislike the place, I just dislike the whole thing of being alone. Not what I prefer. At all.

I am still in close contact with a few of my ex-colleagues from Accenture, and they are stunned. At the sheer number of times I’ve been unwell and off work ever since i left Accenture. In my 2.5 years there, I have taken a sick leave only one or twice, and both times for just a day each. Even on those days, it was more an “I don’t feel well enough to dress up and go to work” rather than an “I’m not well enough to work”. I worked from home even on those rare cases of sick leaves! I’ve been called a workaholic, I’ve been accused of having no life, I’ve been branded an Accenture slave 😛 But whatever it be, I was never sick and unwell.

This sucks!

27 thoughts on “Day 12: What’s with this place and me…

  1. Hugs! You’ll get through this phase. Getting used to any new place takes its toll. I behaved like you when we moved to Muscat and then Doha and then Dubai. Each time I cried like a baby resisting the move only to get over my perpetual-Meena Kumari mode in a few months, once the place started to grow on me. You will be fine too. Trust me. Once you build a network, start meeting people, making friends, you will adapt too. 7 months is too short still. Give yourself a year or so in that place, you will grow to like it. Take care 🙂

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  2. Hope you feel better. Just a small suggestion, check your sleeping direction. We moved to new house and my sleeping direction was not good, I used to sweat at night and morning I used to wake up feeling sick, missed few days of work too. I change my direction of sleep and I didn’t fall sick after that.

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