Day 13: Phone like a baby…

If I have a principle in life I’ve stuck to for the past 32 years (OK fine…past 9 years, since the time they entered my life), it is to not spend over Rs 10,000/- for a phone.

My first phone was a Sony and I’ve been loyal ever since. Give how utterly butterly are my fingers, owing to which I drop everything way too often, one can easily put together the logic behind that life principle 😛 If I drop a phone and smash it to death, I don’t want to be weeping too much over it. And I do that a lot. The dropping, not the weeping.

In any case, the mobile phone and I aren’t the best of friends.

So yes, my first one was a Sony Walkman series the brother brought from Singapore. I fell in love with it. It was about Rs 10,000 in 2007, I think. It served me well. It was a tiny phone, sat snugly in my tiny palm. I used it for 4.5 years. It went through a lot of abuse — falling off stairs, being run over by a car, chewed on by Pumbaa Nayar and so on and so forth.

I bought the next one myself when the existing one begged me to kill it and give it a decent burial as well. That cost me Rs 10,000 or so. I used it for a few months. I lost it on a bus, when I went to Goa to do some serious thinking-by-the-beach about life’s complexities and human existence 😛 So, as soon as I got back to Bangalore, I bought the exact same phone for another Rs 10,000. Sigh. It served me well. It was a tiny phone, sat snugly in my tiny palm. I used it for almost 1.5 years. This one went through not as much abuse as the first one, but had its fair share of falls, scratches and dents (and a chip off as well, if I remember right).

Till it got kidnapped. Literally.

Someone who knew very well my deep-seated HATE for Samsung phones and surprises alike, gave me a terrible surprise by exchanging my much-loved Sony phone for a Samsung S4! Ugh! And, as if that wasn’t enough, gave it to me as an advance birthday gift (insult to injury) aaaaaand made me pay for it as well (vile abuses to insult to injury)! That one cost me Rs 45,000/-, of which Rs 6,000 was paid for with my dear Sony’s life. But since I was not the one that bought it, I continued to hate and never care about it. The damn thing fell once and died! I had to revive it since it was too new and I was still paying the damn EMI 😛 Then the damn thing fell again, and again, and again so many times. Till it died on its own in good time and I rejoiced! It was too big for my tiny palm, and would never sit snugly. Ugh. I hated it and I hated it so much! But I used it for 1.5 years and abused it so much so it would die soon and I wouldn’t feel so bad about throwing it in a dumpster. (Though I meant to exchange it and get some money out of the damn thing, it miraculously disappeared from my life – thank the Lord!) I don;t want to go into depth about the kinds of abuse this one went through, and I was always overjoyed 😛

I then again bought a Sony phone, this time for just Rs 8,000/- and was very pleased with myself. It was a tiny phone, sat snugly in my tiny palm. I meant to take good care of it, but on Day 2, it fell onto tarred road and got scratched all over. Sigh. And once there appears one scratch, the rest keep coming. I used it for over a year. (Hmmm…interesting trend of usage duration.)

And now, I have bought another Sony phone, which, for the first time, does NOT sit snugly in my tiny palm. It is longish, and looks lovely, with matt-finish edges and back and a shiny screen. And, it cost me Rs 16,000/-. Not at alll in line with my phone-related life principle! For someone sooooooooo not used to taking care of a phone, I have this urge in me to take good care of it and to keep it looking as good as new.  Two years later, I want to be able to “puthan aaittu iruppundu” (looks as good as new!) to someone who says that a lot 😉

I am extra careful about not getting any scratches on it. I keep it on soft surfaces always. At work, I lay it on a folded tissue paper, lest the backside gets soft scratches 😛 At home, it’s always on the bed (never ever on a hard surface).

And I am, therefore, in perpetual paranoia that I will drop it!  Utterly butterly still are my fingers, and since this doesn’t even sit snugly anymore, I’m super scared. Since when have I become so careful of a phone, I do not know, but I am. I searched all over here for a cover, but looks like they no longer have covers for Sony phones 😛 I think my only option is to get one of those very girly phone pouches. I’d rather die 😛 I checked on Amazon, but they don’t deliver to Kuwait. I’ll have to wait till end of December now. Sigh.

I live in paranoia the rest of the year. Unless it falls before that and gets that first scratch on it. Damn, I cannot claim the puthan aaittu irippundu dialogue if that happens!

I know very well that if this phone cost me only nearabouts Rs 10,000, I wouldn’t be so careful.

Secretly, I like the fact that I’m being as careful as I am now (am I growing up?).

And that’s because, ever since I came to Kuwait, my phone has become quite a close ally, one I’d be lost without 😛 😛 😛

19 thoughts on “Day 13: Phone like a baby…

  1. Hope you get the cover soon. It is heart breaking when phones fall or scratch. I love phones. And the joy I get from getting a new phone is priceless. Most of the time I’m careful with them. I’ve lost a phone only once when it was stolen from my backpack in Paris. Broke my heart. Since then I’ve been even more careful. One time however my phone slipped from my hands and landed on the floor and the screen cracked into a million pieces. But, hear this out, it still worked. Perfectly. And it was a touch screen phone. I did give my then house help a scare when she saw me holding the phone and crying 🙂 She thought I had received some horrible news. But to cut a long story short, I got the screen repaired and since then, I’ve always bought my phones a cover. Always.


  2. I don’t know why you don’t like Samsung, I am a fan of Samsung phones. My first phone was Sony Ericsson and I loved it so much that till now I have that phone in hyd. So after many years that phone will be an antique. Before I start using a new phone I make sure to have a screen protector and a cover. I hate those girly covers. The phone I have now told my husband to get a cover and he brought a pink cover. I am forced to use the pink cover.

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  3. I’m not a Sony lover, sorry. I wonder how your phones survived the falls and all, since my Sony Xperia (which incidentally looked lovely, was tiny and sat comfortably in my palm too 😛) sent me on endless trips to the Sony Centre after it suffered just one tiny fall on the floor.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand now and can’t really complain. I like it. Although, I do agree with not burning your pockets on a phone that will be history 6 months down the line anyway. It is sheer nonsense.
    I have never exchanged my phones. We have like some 8 handsets in the house, discarded after suffering different levels of abuse 😂, but I haven’t exchanged them. Some day it will be fun to see how a Nokia 1100, Sony Ericsson or Microsoft phone looked like. 😂

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  4. Utterly bitterly fingers and fits snugly into the palm of your hands .. And phone abuse! Wow. My phones keeping so many times that it has got used to living with me, so even if I don’t put it down they fall once in a while to feel the routine! Get a screen guard! A cover as if you don’t know! Go go go get going.. And send a picture!


  5. Only had Sony xperia once and never bought it again.. I love samsung . But here in uk phone comes with the contract. So mine just came for renewal November 9th and I got a Samsung S7 for next 18 months. .

    It has the glass screen guard and a leather wallet sort of thing so hopefully it won’t have much scratches.

    I must say I am also a miser spending money on fone so I also go for the cheapest contract..

    And yes as everyone is saying get a cover .. 😀😀😀

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  6. One of my phone was Sony but it was ‘kidnapped’ after a few months and I never got around to buy a Sony after that. I am not a big fan of Samsung too but I am a big fan of covers for phone. And I dont believe in just having the back cover or just the screen guard. I have that diary type of covers that protect the phone completely. Some of my friends laugh for they believe that the cover does not look cool, but I love the brand new look my phone has even after more than a year. 🙂

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  7. I have never owned a Sony phone but after reading about your love for them, I am truly intrigued to explore more. I am with you on the principle of spending wisely on smartphones. Your experience with that Samsung S4 was heartbreaking given the amount you’d spent on it.
    So glad you are back with a phone you love. Here’s hoping you find a gorgeous case for it to keep it new for years to come 🙂

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