Day 18: The one that stuck to the plan

Once up on a time, there were two little girls who met in school. They sat next to each other on the front bench in class. Both of them did not know what prompted it, but neither thought twice about starting a friendship.

One was studious, the other didn’t care. One was sober and soft-spoken, the other was a rebel. One was a total girl, the other wasn’t. Yet, none of these ever came in the way of their friendship. Because there was a common love that ruled over everything else. The love for books, and the shared joy from reading the same ones. Together, they devoured the books in the school’s tiny library. Most weeks, once the library hour was over, the librarian had to shoo them out to make way for the next batch! So, they went to public libraries and devoured more books. They discussed their reading list and constantly exchanged books and experiences.

As the months went by, in one of the conversations, they both decided they would grow up to be a writer and and a published author! This, then, remained a constant through the rest of their days together. “When I become an author…” was a frequent way to start one of their never-ending discussions.

A whole year went by. And then one moved away to a new city, when her father was transferred there. The friendship continued, strong as ever…for both were aspiring writers, and write they did! Long letters, written neatly and laboriously over many pages, kept them both updated on what the other was up to. In time, however, other friends walked into their lives. Priorities and situations changed, and the letters became far and few between.

Till one day, three years later, a letter arrived from the one who moved away: she was moving back into town, and joining back at the same school! Much joy and anticipation, till school began after the long summer break! Only, there were now other friends in the picture, and they were no longer even in the same class, forget sitting next to each other. The bond had evolved over time, into one that would remain, but not as close as it once was. The only thing that did not change: love for books, and the promise to be an author one day.

Both completed school and went their separate ways again, entering the job market. One was thrilled with the designation at her first job, and jumped it joy when she got her first visiting card that said she was a “Writer.” She remembered her friend and wondered what she’d say to this. The other went on to become an Engineer.

Many year passed.

The one that began her career as a writer, did not stay writer for too long, except dabble on her blog, even today. The one that became an engineer, although also dabbled with blogging, stuck to the plan. And is a published author today! 🙂


So proud of you, girl! 🙂

In her own words…

There is no feeling quite like seeing your name in print for the first time- It is a queer mixture of pride, disbelief and elation! Writing has been a long journey of learning and self-discovery, and as I finally take the leap from being a writer to being a published author, I have only my lovely family, friends and awesome readers to thank!

21 thoughts on “Day 18: The one that stuck to the plan

  1. I just cant thank you enough for this lovely,lovely post, Priya! **pagli,tune to rula hi diya** Just wanted you to know that I have been lucky indeed to have had someone as crazy as myself for my first best friend and confidante…I can still remember our visits to Eloor library and losing ourselves in the world of books… I still fondly recall waiting for your lovely letters every week and spending hours penning down my reply! Trust me, those are moments that I will treasure forever in life, along with our friendship that has survived time, distance and most importantly the vicissitudes of life ! Much love!!

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    • Like I said, I’m truly proud of you, and so glad one of us made it 🙂 This post was just waiting to be written!
      Eloor library – I think they made half of their profits from just the two of us 😛 Those were amazing days 🙂 So glad we weathered everything life came up with. Much love right back! ❤


  2. What a beautifully written story, except its not fiction but true. Loved reading it. Your journey is quite similar to mine, and it gives me a lot of inspiration and motivation to know that you’ve reached there. Guess I am on the right path too. Will get there sooner or later. 🙂
    Congratulations Ramya, once again, for the TOI victory and now MSQ. Proud to be a co-author with you.

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