Day 28: Because you fight like a girl

This is for girls who stay up all night, this is for you who is willing to fight.
For hidden fears, hurt, pain and tears, under the smiles, laughs, and giggles we hear.
Let your hair down, straight or curls, you’re beautiful because you fight like a girl.
For girls who wear short skirts, and their heart on their sleeve,
for girls who know how difficult it is to believe.
The girls who scream and cry to the pillows and tell them their goals,
for girls who have a secret, but can’t tell a soul.
Let your eyes be your diamonds, make them your pearls,
you’re beautiful because you fight like a girl.
For girls who have made mistakes and have regrets galore,
for girls that may not win, but always get up from the floor.
The girls who take life as comes, the girl who have broken the code,
for the girls who hope, that they’ll get better somewhere down the road.
Let your steps be a dance and jump and do the swirl,
you’re beautiful because you fight like a girl.
For the girls who love with all their heart, although sometimes gets broke,
to girls who think it’s over, to real girls, all girls, who have tears to soak.
You throw, you pick up and fall.
But just tell the world
‘I’m beautiful, because I fight like a girl.’

These aren’t my words, they were penned by the one and only Shah Rukh Khan.
I thought they were absolutely lovely…

and they reminded me of these…penned by my very own Shah Rukh Khan 😉

She is strong, very strong: I have seen her go through hell and emerge triumphantly
both at work and life. At work, for no fault of hers, she was cornered, isolated, and bitched about.
She came out unscathed and stronger.
In life, she was put through hell and she came out wounded but stronger.

I’m a girl who made mistakes and have regrets galore, the one that did not win,
but definitely got up from the floor. The one who takes life as comes, the one who has always broken the code, the one that truly hopes to get better
somewhere down the road


P.S. I threw the diet out the window and destroyed the very thought of wanting to take on a diet…
because I fight like a girl,
and I won’t give into things that will stop me from taking life as it comes
(for, it always comes to me with Biriyani love)! 😀 

40 thoughts on “Day 28: Because you fight like a girl

    • I don’t think I can define it for you. It’s each one’s way. I guess as long as you’re a girl and you fight for yourself, YOUR way, then you fight like a girl 🙂 I don;t think a boy can fight like a girl (and there is no need to) and a girl can fight like a boy (and again, there is no need to).
      If you’re asking what SRK meant with his words, I don’t know. But I perceive it to be what I generally do — be my own person rather than conform to what’s expected by others.

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            • Oh yes – this I’ve seen and loved! 🙂
              I vividly remember once having a huge argument with someone: he was scolding his son and saying “Don’t cry like a girl.” So I told him to either tell the boy “Don’t cry!” or say “Don’t cry like a boy!”, though just saying “Don’t cry!” was enough. It was the crying he wanted the boy to stop, not whether it was like a girl or a boy or a dog or a cow or an ant. I said the “cry like a girl” was passing on the message (to his boy and to his girl) that it was ok for girls to cry, but not for boys — and that crying like a girl is a lowly thing to do, which was an insult to the daughter, but he was ok with her being a lowly person?
              The conclusion to that argument was him telling me “Oh, don’t come to me with your feminism. I know how to raise my kids.” 🙂 I could only smile at him and say “I wish you did.”
              He did not understand what I was saying…and I (to this very day) did not understand how that was “feminism” (because I frankly do not understand the concept and for that reason, don’t consider one myself).

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              • Imagine people saying this even after the only Olympic medals we got this year were earned by girls! Caring… sensitivity… emotional.. even possesiveness…jealousy etc are all human traits. People are so confused to attach them with women. This is proof of how vain they are.
                I haven’t really understood feminism till date. If I stand for myself or some other woman I become a feminist..then what about those women who call themselves feminists yet torture and bully their family and/or helpers?

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  1. Shahrukh Khan can make a lot of sense if he decides to use his brain. 😊 Those lines were beautiful!
    Ahha…now tell me something. Didn’t you mention that the Biryani there didn’t taste half as good? Eat all you want darling, but I’m still going to tease you! 😉😉😈😈😂😂

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