Scones…all of a sudden!

Something I’ve wanted to eat, so desperately, every time I read an Enid Blyton book.

Scones, warm and buttery, shared over an evening tea.
Scones, warm and buttery, topped with strawberry jam and a dollop of cream, shared by friends in their garden shed.
Scones, warm and buttery, filled with the goodness of blueberries, wolfed down by hungry girls after a lacrosse match!
Scones, warm and buttery, relished while perched on the strong boughs of the Faraway Tree!

As a 12-year-old living in Trivandrum of the late 90s, scones were something that could only be savoured in my imagination! I imagined the taste, the texture, the softness, the pure joy. I imagined it to look inviting and appealing. I imagined having it at one of my school parties after final exams. I imagined unpacking a box of scones during a school excursion. I have imagined a lot of scones, in short ๐Ÿ˜€

After about 7-8 years, I found something in a bakery, which the owner told me was aย  Cream Scone. I jumped at it, bought one, bit into with much joy and immediately spat out and threw from my hand ๐Ÿ˜€ Yuck. “These aren’t scones“, I told him indignantly. It was just something shaped like an ice-cream cone, filled with sugary cream. Uuuugh. It was not warm, not buttery, and definitely not soft. And, did not look in the least fancy!

In time, I forgot about them. Then, after the Internet age dawned and flourished, every time I came across the word scones, I always meant to look it up, but never managed to.

Until last Thursday,ย  11th October 2018 (yes, verrrrrrrrrry late, I know!), when I opened my blog, saw a reply to a comment I left in another blog on Enid Blyton books and was hit by the thought of warm buttery scones! I immediately went on Google to look for images of scones and went “EH!?”


I guess despite telling the shopkeeper what he gave me wasn’t a scone, I might have expected scones to actually be shaped like a cone and have jam and butter filling ๐Ÿ˜€ Or, at least to look more fancy. These pics did not look fancy at all! Well, not the scones by themselves (though the accompaniments made the whole photograph pretty colourful and bright). They didn’t look warm or buttery or soft. Maybe I imagined it all wrong and simply craved for the wrong thing all these years. Blow Enid Blyton and her art of converting the mundane into yummilicious awesomeness!

Yesterday, Sunday, a colleague returned to work from his 3-week Canadian vacation and told us how he learnt from his aunt to make…yes, scones! What a coincidence. To this, another colleague went “Oooh, really? I’ve always wanted to taste a scone.” And, there I interjected and dashed her dreams using my new-found knowledge on scones, saying it’s not as fancy as it sounds, it is a flat, squarish thing and “looks more like an egg puff with no egg inside” ๐Ÿ˜› And she goes “Really? I thought it was like a cone-shaped something, creamy and sweet“. And then, accompanied by nods from the new scone chef, I proceeded to tell her how it’s made and how quick and simple the whole process is, and most importantly how it is not shaped like a cone.

And today, Monday, I ate my first ever scone! And, while it looked exactly as scones look, the dear little thing definitely lived up to every bit of my imagination.

It was warm, buttery, soft and oh-my-good-lord-delicious! โค

And now, I feel like an entire era has come to an end ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Age of the Scones is officially over!

Day 21: The weather today…

is so good, all I want to do is be home, amidst all my (imaginary) plants, looking out on to the (imaginary) greenery from my bedroom.

The weather today is so good, all I want to do is be home, enjoying the silence, before I plug in this song (which has been playing on loop since the morning) and go on a long, long stroll along the paved walkway, bordered on both sides by (imaginary) tall green trees!

The weather today is so good, all I want to do is be home, lie on my (imaginary) lawn, resting my head on (imaginary) Pumbaa, reading Go Set A Watchman again.

The weather today is so good, all I want to do is be home, sit in my (imaginary) balcony and watch the lovely (imaginary) birds and beautiful (imaginary) butterflies playing dancing in the cool breeze.

The weather today is so good, all I want to do is be home, sit on the (imaginary) steps at my door, held in a warm hug by the (imaginary) love of my life.

The weather today is so good, all I want to do is play some of my forever favourite songs on the (imaginary) sound system, singing along and feeling content.

The weather today is so good, all I want to do is cook those things I love cooking in my big, airy (imaginary) kitchen.

The weather today is so good, all I want to do is chatter non-stop with my (imaginary) Amma, as I sip on hot tea and munch on the amazing (imaginary) pazhamporis she keeps serving hot.

The weather today is so good, all I want is to be really home, in a place that is truly home.

The weather today is so goodโ€ฆand all Iโ€™ve got is Kuwait! ๐Ÿ™„ Everything else is just truly imaginary and in two faraway places: one a haven in Bangalore, the other a heaven in Trivandrum! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sigh.

Day 3: The Age of the Coco Puzhu!

I don’t know if it is just me — but whenever I’m unwell, I have an appetite that highly belies my size. Since the time I was a kid. I would always be allergic to all things food, till I fell sick. My mother was (and still is) constantly amazed at this. As a kid when I did this, she used to ask me “Ninte vayaril kokopozhu ondo!?” and that used thrill me beyond limits! My eyes would light up, and I’d rub my tummy and go “Ngaaa!” Well, in plain English, it only meant “worms in the tummy”. But, in my tiny head, a kokopuzhu was the cutest, most chocolatey being. I was proud to be it’s home-tummy. It wasn’t until Google showed me a pic years later that I stopped being proud (in fact, I may have mentally puked at the thought too).

Anyways, the kokopuzhu lived in me only till the fever passed. And then, I would become allergic to food again.

These things are supposed to pass as you grow up. Clear indication that I haven’t grown up yet ๐Ÿ˜€ Hmmmm…I think my theme for this NaBloPoMo should be about not growing up. I have many stories to prove this point.

Anyway – I’ve been living with a HUNGRY tummy the past few days. I’m constantly hungry and wanting all sorts of things that are NOT good for my current condition. Biriyani. Guntur Chicken. Pizza. American Sechuan Corn. Chicken Ghee Roast. An English Breakfast. Waffles, pancakes and a mushroom-spinach omelette!

And all I’m actually getting to eat is kanji. Kashtam thanne! There – it has arrived. Let me slurp it up.
*Can’t wait for tomorrow, in the hope that I can wolf all of this own*