Indecisive—that’s the weirdest one can ever get.

Indecisive—that’s the weirdest one can ever get. Taking a decision, changing it, changing it again…and then changing it all over again! If it bothers ONLY you, I guess it’s not too bad…but if you chance to pull in others into the loop—forbidden!

How bad, do you feel, is it to keep changing one’s decision every 5th minute or so? Is that a disorder of sorts? Is it the kind of situation where one must seek medical help?

Do any of you suffer from this? If your answer is “no”, I guess I shall shortly make this world richer by one word: when a smart doctor puts my name for this syndrome! 😀

I can’t tell you how difficult it is for me to make a decision in life :D. I keep changing my decisions every now and then—I really do! No, I don’t do it because I think of possible consequences, become anxious and change it…I just do it as if it’s the most natural thing to do! I apparently have no qualms about it. And it never bothers me (yes, I do make sure I never cause anyone any trouble…I’m totally at home as long as I am happy about the ‘new’ (short-term though, it always will be) decision).

In the past one week, I’ve changed uncountable decisions, uncountable times!

An example: I decided to go home this weekend, booked a ticket from B’lore to Trivandrum, told my brother to book my return ticket…I even convinced my boss how absolutely important it is for me to be at home this weekend. Then I changed my mind! I convinced my parents why I can’t be at home this weekend. My brother cancelled the ticket. Then I changed my mind again. I went shopping for my parents, bought a whole lot of stuff (haven’t been home for 3 months now). Then I changed my mind again. I decided to courier all the gifts………………And well, after writing this much, I’ve now decided to go! All I have to do now is convince some damn person who’s already booked a ticket in one of those buses to cancel his/her trip (there’s no other way I’m going to get a return-ticket)!

My friends say it’s all due to my memory problem. They say I don’t actually “change my mind”, I just forget that I’d already “made up my mind”! 😛 I think that’s a very enlightening thought…and since it takes too much of an effort to ‘change’ yourself, I guess I shall remain so for the rest of my life.

P.S.: This post also intends to act as a warning to anyone who might tell me “But you said so that day!” 😀 I have a mind which has a mind of its own! 😀