excuse me

Funny things happen to me. It’s moments like these that make life so loveable. You never know what’ll happen the next moment 🙂 You may decide on one thing, but may end up doing another, just because of a split-second change in mind 😉 Anyway, one such thing happened yesterday evening.

I’d left work in a hurry, willing it not to rain till I reach home (so I can get drenched in peace!) 😀 Had a million thoughts running…weekend trip, tuscan wine, workplace issues, uncle’s heart attack, aunt’s fall, bro’s fever, mom’s BP and a lot of other things I don’t remember. You know how the mind works, don’t’ you!?

Well, what topped the list was Amma’s BP. She’d spent a tensed 5 days in Bangalore before she could get a ticket to rush to TVM to see her brother, my uncle who had the heart attack. He’d had 4 blocks and had to go through angiogram (which is damn dangerous; life-threatening, if not done by the expert of experts) and angioplasty…and had been in the ICU and everything. He’s totally fine now.

Anyway, all that sent her BP shooting. She reached back yesterday…and was all tired out and a bit low because of the BP and the pills. I’d been worried for her and wanted to reach home soon and cheer her up. Little did I know there’d be such a wonderful story to give her 😀

Anyways, here’s what happened.

There was a light drizzle when I left work, which was awesome and transported me into another world altogether. Rain can always do that to me. I was so lost in thought, humming a song I can’t remember now, thinking about unrelated arbit stuff…and trudging down the unbuilt road in that state of mind, I actually said “Excuse me…” to a dog lying on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said that in the most serious, polite tone.

And, what did the dog do? It actually got up and made way for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t realise what I’d done, until I took another 5-6 steps. Then, it struck! I’d said “excuse me” to a dog, which actually responded by making way! Now THAT was too much, and I burst out laughing, right there!

Of all the things, to have said “excuse me” to a dog. Unbelievable, Priya!! 😀  The dog probably got up and moved when it realised I would walk right over it if it didn’t (after giving me a quizzical look, am sure).

How hard I laughed. God, I was clutching my sides within 5 seconds! Got a few really quizzical-concerned looks from a few passers-by…making me double up further! 😀 😀

That’s like the funniest thing I’ve done all my life. Or so I think.

But am sure I came across as the most polite human being to that dog. 😀 😉 😛

One for me, from the dog 😉
One for me, from my mom who couldn’t stop laughing.
One for me, from my bro who’s down with fever, all alone in the UK… and had a good laugh.
One for me, from the dad who built up on the now-famous ‘excuse me’ to create his own PJ!
And, one for the husband, from me, for giving me one of those typical “you’re impossible” looks on hearing this and making my day 😉

“Excuse me”, but such is the way of life. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


E.T.A.UmaS commented here, saying I’m a very focused person, who plans well! Do you still think so, Uma? 😀