five (x) five fortuitous facts :)

random2Vimal tagged me a few days back to reveal 25 random facts about me; that too, right wen I’d posted something at the end of which I’d written it’s too early to write about myself. So, I’d delayed this on purpose 😀

Statutory warning : This post can be very boring; I’m already bored (because I can’t think of more than 5 things about myself…and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to know 25 — 25!! — random things about me). Whoever created this tag was bonkers! 😀

Anyway, here they are.

1. I cannot survive without music. I sing/hum all the time — all the time — and I refuse to talk to/answer anyone who tries to communicate with me at that time. 😛

2. I wear my watch on my right wrist. 😎

3. I hate watching movies…and the thought stifles me and messes up all my good spirit! 🙄

4. I will not sacrifice my sleep for ANYTHING in this world. Not even for my brother — now that says it all! 😉

5. I’m generally confused — and can never make up my mind. 😦

6. I have a bad memory (I have a feeling I inspired the script writer of Memento/Ghajini)! 😕

7. I hate going to hospitals / doctors. 😮

8. I have the greatest stage-fright. I go into a dumb-spell if I have to face more than 3 people at a time. 😯

9. I am claustrophobic. I cannot bear to be alone in an elevator. 🙄

10. No matter how cold a room, once I notice that all doors and windows are closed, I break into sweat! 😐

11. I hate orderliness — and am most comfortable in the midst of utter  mess and disarray; ‘Laziness’ was probably discovered after I was born! 😀 😀

12. I love smileys (which is verrrry evident from this post! Sorry, Priya!) :mrgreen:

13. I love travelling — prefer train to plane; bus to auto! 🙂

14. When I like a particular song, I can keep listening to it over and over and over and over and over again!

15. I’m highly unpredictable — I don’t know when and why I say what. 😕

16. I keep having uncontrollable cravings for things I do not usually like — sweets, ice creams, etc — the craving vanishes immediately after I get these things in hand! 😀

17. I cannot stand SRK, Mohanlal (since the last 5 years or so) and my grandma (oh, she’s no celeb!) 😛

18. I hate doing the dishes. 😡

19. I believe in a superpower — but not in any particular “God”.

20. I like myself a lot (this is to ensure that there’ll always be one person who likes me, at all times!) 😉 I love my name too.

21. I do not think smoking and drinking makes a person ‘cool’; I cannot stand such people (except for a few dear ones!)

22. I think my mother is the best thing that’s happened in my life — and in the lives of everyone who knows her! 🙂

23. Palatino Linotype is my favourite font! WordPress doesn’t have it 😦 random1

24. I love the colour blue — but I don’t have a single dress in that colour. Since green suits me very well, I have decided to make green my favourite colour. 😛

25. I prefer incandescent lights to tube lights!


Sorry, all you guys; but I warned you — I’m not that exciting a person! And I guess that was as random as it could get! Now, if you are tempted to take out your fury on someone, please get in touch with Vimal! 😀

P.S.: Must be the only post that started and ended with the same word — a name! 😀

Indecisive—that’s the weirdest one can ever get.

Indecisive—that’s the weirdest one can ever get. Taking a decision, changing it, changing it again…and then changing it all over again! If it bothers ONLY you, I guess it’s not too bad…but if you chance to pull in others into the loop—forbidden!

How bad, do you feel, is it to keep changing one’s decision every 5th minute or so? Is that a disorder of sorts? Is it the kind of situation where one must seek medical help?

Do any of you suffer from this? If your answer is “no”, I guess I shall shortly make this world richer by one word: when a smart doctor puts my name for this syndrome! 😀

I can’t tell you how difficult it is for me to make a decision in life :D. I keep changing my decisions every now and then—I really do! No, I don’t do it because I think of possible consequences, become anxious and change it…I just do it as if it’s the most natural thing to do! I apparently have no qualms about it. And it never bothers me (yes, I do make sure I never cause anyone any trouble…I’m totally at home as long as I am happy about the ‘new’ (short-term though, it always will be) decision).

In the past one week, I’ve changed uncountable decisions, uncountable times!

An example: I decided to go home this weekend, booked a ticket from B’lore to Trivandrum, told my brother to book my return ticket…I even convinced my boss how absolutely important it is for me to be at home this weekend. Then I changed my mind! I convinced my parents why I can’t be at home this weekend. My brother cancelled the ticket. Then I changed my mind again. I went shopping for my parents, bought a whole lot of stuff (haven’t been home for 3 months now). Then I changed my mind again. I decided to courier all the gifts………………And well, after writing this much, I’ve now decided to go! All I have to do now is convince some damn person who’s already booked a ticket in one of those buses to cancel his/her trip (there’s no other way I’m going to get a return-ticket)!

My friends say it’s all due to my memory problem. They say I don’t actually “change my mind”, I just forget that I’d already “made up my mind”! 😛 I think that’s a very enlightening thought…and since it takes too much of an effort to ‘change’ yourself, I guess I shall remain so for the rest of my life.

P.S.: This post also intends to act as a warning to anyone who might tell me “But you said so that day!” 😀 I have a mind which has a mind of its own! 😀

i expected…

There are a lot of instances when people walk up to you and start off something with an “I expect…”. It’s invariably things we never want to listen to. I usually act dumb :D—like I did when I joined in a PR company long back (and hated it from Day 1). On my first day, my boss told me “The fact that you are a scorpio tells me that you like working by yourselves and despise taking orders. I expect you to be ready to handle our new client from next week.” Aah…what did she know!? What’s the connection between a scorpio and me? To hell with astrology and zodiac maniacs who make such (obviously meaningless) statements. And yes, I acted dumb and quit the place after 2 more weeks—right on the day prior to the client’s press conference 😀 (That hopefully taught my boss a lesson or two on how different scorpios are from me!)

Anyways, the reasons I write this post are two: one, I really don’t ever understand why people should expect anything at all from others; and two, I found a certain ‘expectation’ statement made by a friend extremely strange—and hilarious!

I’ve been introduced to a lot of expectations from others…which I almost always don’t meet :D…and especially so, if it is anything to do with sacrificing my sleep, using my brain (mainly the part of it that supports memory) or cooking. I have missed many a bus/train (and a few flights almost!) because I find gravity at its strongest while I’m in bed—especially on the eye-lids. I have misplaced just so many things in life that if they’re all bought back to me, I could probably start a curios shop! And for the cooking…should I even dwell on this topic? Well, maybe just one instance, where I once let a fish curry get burnt out of recognition and had to tell my mother something to the measure of: “a lizard fell into the bowl, and I had to scrap the whole thing.” And then give her a sad face.

Well, in spite of being irritated at the fact that people always expect something or the other from each other, I have actually started seeing sense in it—apparently, that’s the way of life. But till date, the only statement that has made me see absolutely no reason or sense in it is when this friends of mine saw me and said: “I expected you to have straight hair with curls at the end!” And I said, “!!!!!!!!!!”. Couldn’t help, but that was the best response I could offer…and I wasn’t even acting dumb! As far as I know, that was one of the most stupefying remarks anyone ever made in the history of conversation! Why, why, why would anyone expect another to have straight hair with curls at the end?? If “wish” was used instead of “expected”, well, I see some reason in that…maybe that’s how he likes it. (Though it still doesn’t explain the fact that it might not suit me 😀 !)

Well, after my momentary surprise, I just could not control my laughter…and I had to actually suppress bouts of it and act normal and polite—I’m generally a polite person unless someone tries real hard to make it not so. How I laughed that night! Gosh! “I expected you to be taller…” (ok, maybe he is real tall); “I expected you to be fair/tanned…” (ok, maybe he is so); “I expected you to be a guy!” (ok, maybe he is gay!) But “I expected you to have straight hair with curls at the bottom”!!???  How does it matter in any which way?

Look forward to knowing the strangest thing someone ever told you! This one is, by far, the best in my collection!