I am legend

Sigh. Yea, it’s a tag 😦

This one has been passed on by Pepper. Unlike Pepper who decided not to let her thoughts be tainted by those of the person who tagged her (she even went to the extend of NOT reading that person’s responses till she was done with her tag πŸ™„ ), I went straight ahead and copy + pasted the entire post from her page to my drafts and decided to edit it there πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I always choose the quick-n-easy way, folks πŸ˜€

And well, it’s Pepper. Most probably, even if I’d done this tag the way she did, we’d still have the same answers πŸ˜‰ So, to give her her credit, I’ve put in blue the responses I share with her πŸ™‚

So here are the rules:

1. Every phrase needs to be completed with three answers about yourself

2. That’s it. Oh…post it an tell a few people, so they’ll know they’re in for some laughs πŸ˜€


I am

  • forever confused.
  • lazy, most of the time: esp, at home!
  • easily pleased. Suraj finds this very cute (and very convenient). all it takes to light up my face is sometimes a small lollipop, a cartoon, a pack of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, a hug, a cute nickname, an eclair, a 2 rupee coin in an old jeans pocket, a waft of my fav perfume, summer rain…

I want

  • to be able to make decisions I can stick to.
  • to be able to learn and be a swimmer soon.
  • to be paid more at my job πŸ˜€

I have

  • the memory of a goldfish 😦
  • the weirdest definitions of “loyalty” and “commitment”.
  • the best family in the world, or so I think. (so that makes it two of the “best” families in this world)

I wish

  • I could travel to any part of the world whenever I feel like it.
  • all places allowed pets to enter — temples, shops, malls, resorts, hotels, offices, churches, theatres, any damn place!
  • India had a much better market for dark, dark, super dark chocolates.

I hate

  • having to decide; I suck at it, and mostly regret the ones I make.
  • pineapple and boiled corn. They both make me nauseous.
  • days that are too sunny.

I fear

  • that I’ll fall off the steps (every time I climb up or down a flight of them).
  • that I’ll make a fool of myself if I do or say something at any moment in time (and I keep quiet, someone else does it, and gets the credit! :D).
  • that I’ll lose my senses if something happens to my brother, mom, dad or Suraj. And Pumbaa.

I hear

  • myself singing/humming all the time.
  • myself always saying “ugh” when i see gold on a person πŸ˜€ I can never understand how people can like gold so much, and actually “want” to wear it all the time, as many as possible, that too.
  • imaginary sounds if I am alone at home at night.

I search

  • for a song on the Internet (mp3 and lyrics) from the minute I listen to one on TV/radio and realise I dont have it in my list.
  • for a purpose in anything I do / am asked to do, before I actually do it.
  • for certain qualities in people, before I can call them friends.

I wonder

  • why love is never unconditional — even a mother’s love always has some “expectations” bound to it.
  • what it would feel like, to touch the clouds πŸ™‚
  • what the purpose of life really is..?

I regret

  • tolerating so much abuse and not ending it with SS (the ex) earlier than I did.
  • not attending my best friend’s wedding.
  • never being able to be a good host when the need arises. 😦

I love

  • my brother.
  • walking in the rain, getting drenched, and well, just about everything to do with the rain.
  • the beach. I sooo love the beach! (And I love my name too πŸ˜€ (the rule says “3 phrases”, so I had to cheat and put in a 4th one as a part of the 3rd πŸ˜€ )

I always

  • try to give away my responsibilities to someone else (I told ya, I do things the quick-n-easy way).
  • see both the points of view and confuse myself; I look at things from multiple perspectives, through the other party’s eyes too (though my perspective is always the best πŸ˜€ ).
  • am outright frank and brutally honest. I never know to “put it mildly”; and to me, truth is more important than feelings — because I’ve seen how feelings can make someone lessen or even hide the truth.

I ache

  • when I see old people living alone, longing for their kids who are far away; and when parents do not love their child enough and keep judging him/her till he/she thinks she/he is no good. I really ACHE when I see these happening.
  • when I see trees being cut.
  • when I see homeless children on the road, selling something, taking on responsibility and having lost a childhood.

I usually

  • forget everything that happened 5 minutes back — unless it’s affected me real well and has left a deep impression in my mind.
  • suck at saying β€˜No’ to anyone for anything; how I still manage to be brutally honest and frank beats me πŸ˜€
  • sleep quite late at night; most of the times because Suraj stays up watching a movie I have no interest in. Yes, I can’t sleep without him. Is that a crime now?

I am not

  • business-minded, and cannot succeed at ANY DAMN SALES :D.
  • easily accessible on phone. I am NOT trying to change that. Yes, I’m not trying to change that, unlike Pepper. I’m much better off “IM-ing/pinging/sms-ing/texting/emailing”. Come on! I’m a writer πŸ˜€
  • courageous enough to undertake new challenging tasks. I am too afraid of failure and always prefer security to excitement. Unless it’s a trip/travel plan to some godforsaken place (the condition, situation, people, food, accomodation, etc. of which I have no clue about). In such circumsatances, I’m extremely excited about the “New” and “Excitement”.

I dance

  • in public, only if I’m at gun point; even then, it’d be a torture for the ones watching me.
  • in my dreams. And damn well, at that. I also dance freely when I’m all alone in a room, with some good music. Like now, when i’m listening to “Uff teri adaa” from Karthik Calling Karthik. (Yes, I do like that song, very much!)
  • more with my eyes that with my body; a lot of people have asked me if I’m a professional bharatanatyam dancer!!! πŸ˜€

I sing

  • all the time. It’s the one thing I’m super glad God blessed me with πŸ™‚
  • songs of all languages, if I know the words and the tune.
  • when I’m happy, sad, elated, thrilled, depressed, angry. Yes, especially when I’m angry — it soothes me like nothing else will. Yes, I’m a sucker for music and songs.

I never

  • say no to dark chocolate. I’m not too fond of normal/milk chocolate anymore — er, not that I hate them πŸ˜€
  • boost anyone’s ego if that person is undeserving of it — no matter how that can help me. I’d rather be hated than not be myself.
  • bribe, corrupt or allow myself to be corrupted — in any way, whatsoever.

I rarely

  • generalise people, based on their nationality, upbringing, interests and the state they’re from (he’s a Tamilian, would be like this; she’s from Punjab, has to be this way…, etc.). Never. And I’m guilty of judging people who do that because I think it’s unfair.
  • break the rule.
  • exercise.

I cry

  • when I get too angry for words.
  • rarely but endlessly when I do. I always give myself a headache after that.
  • whenever I see “Kireedom”.

I am not always

  • nasty. I can be honest and frank, yet super good. The brutality comes in only when someone asks for it.
  • insane. At times I can be quite solemn and sane really. And make a lot of sense πŸ˜€
  • a rebel.

I lose

  • mostly because I don’t care to win.
  • my cool whenever there is injustice and nothing/no one stopping it..
  • my hair clips and bands all the time. Plus every single handkerchief I ever lay hands on.

I’m confused

  • all the time.
  • whenever I am asked to make a choice.
  • about which confusion of mine I should mention here. Oh I am confused a lot. Yes, this is in bold because this is exactly how I am!!! Thanks Pepper, I’d have been too confused about how to put this in words, really! πŸ˜€

I need

  • to talk to my family at least once a day. I can live peacefully without having to talk to ANYONE else for days together, incl. the in-laws. But not my family.
  • a good amount of sleep everyday. Lack of sleep for me is fatal for people around me.
  • to check my mail every few hours, or I get restless. (Ok, so I had to agree with all three of her points. Again, is that a crime? :P)

I should

  • try to learn the art of “patience” from Suraj — he’s been endowed with a lot of it!
  • take work less seriously. Sigh!
  • spend more time grooming Pumbaa. OK, I promise to do that once he’s fully trained and does not feel compelled to nip at the brush every time. πŸ˜€

I dream

  • of being able to live for years together in a greener, safer, better world.
  • of a world: that’s not corrupt; where money doesn’t rule over life, people, values and emotions; where I can live my dream life above, without having to care about anything else.
  • of living in some European country, far from civilization, in a small cottage-house, with: a lovely garden; loads of space for Pumbaa to run around; a stable with two fantastic horses (a black and a dark brown); lot of pretty flowers; a separate vegetable-garden; tall, lovely trees; a small stream running by…and my parents living in an equally beautiful cottage next door πŸ˜€ Wow!


Now who wants to take this up? Let me tag a few people: Rev, Verby (so you’ll post something), Vimmuuu (if I can do this looong tag, you should too :P), Reema, Chatterbox, Preeks and Mahak (where are you, girl!?).

See, I’d like to tag ALL YOU PEOPLE who regular my blog: but I’m too lazy (forgot the second point under the first question already!?) to mention all your names and then find your URLs and hyperlink you all :D. So I’ll just request all of you to take this up and share your “I”s with us. Please, pretty please?

this and that…

Some random stuff (for lack one of one sigle thought, and a vent for the million others crisscrossing through my mind)…

  1. Life’s not all that great these days. Fed up of Bangalore (nothing new, I know! :D) The weather doesn’t seem to agree much with me, and I’ve had a bad cough since last Friday!! Over a whole week now — and gets esp worse at night. I think I’m causing more cacophony at night that all the stray dogs together! πŸ˜€
  2. Read two book the past 3 books and feel soooo good. The last book I read was over 3 months back! 😦  And now that both the books are done with, I’m feeling all pissed off. Yes, that happens every time I finish a story — esp when it’s one that I’m thoroughly engrossed in. When it’s over, I can’t take that the story s over and I cant read on; that I’ll have to find a good book asap.
  3. Pumbaa is such a sweetheart. When he sees you first thing in the morning, you get a royal welcome. Go tot the loo, come back and see him after a minute again, he’ll give you world-class treatment again. And then he scrams, picks up his toy and comes for a round of tug-and-war and fetch-and-drop. And then, when he tires out, he lays at your feet and licks your feet. Awwww. Chakkara!
  4. I read Sophie Kinsella’s Confessoins of a Shopaholic and Mini Shopaholic. So, I’ve now officially read the entire Shopaholic series — and I must admit. I’ve ALWAYS enjoy reading them. I am neither rich like Becky, nor a shopaholic. But the series has an uncanny ability to put me at ease. I read at someone else’s blog that this is such a dumb series, and she couldn’t understand how anyone (Becky) could be so dumb, careless and irresponsible. Well, I really don’t agree! I think Becky’s got an innocence, a completely different perspective on things, and a passion for things she believe in! I think it’s fabulous — not at all the “classic” category, I agree. But it definitely is entertaining — esp in troubled times like this πŸ™‚
  5. I don’t think I’ll ever comment for anyone’s Thursday Challenges, Friday Fotos or Wordless Wednesdays anymore. All your pics are awesome all the time, and I always end up juggling between “Fabulous”, “Splendid” and “Amazing/Awesome”. So here’s a collective comment for all your FF, TT, WW and such posts from now on:Β  Fabulous, splendid and amazingly awesome! πŸ™‚
  6. Pumbaa is extremely naughty! Of course, he isn’t Marley (yet!!), but his mischief is ALWAYS, much to my chagrin, targeted at my poor and lovely plants! Any chance he gets, he massacres my plants. Waaah! 😦 And the minute I scream at him and decide to spank him, he starts wagging his tail furiously and licks me all over. Sigh! Now, how can anyone expect me to remain angry with him after that?
  7. I wish the clothes in the laundry bag would just move their bums, get into the washing machine, wash themselves up and hang out to dry. Bah! Laundry is like a never-ending tedious process. By the time you’re done with laundry, you’re all sweaty, you decide to take a bath. And voila! There’s more laundry! Sigh.
  8. 24 hours seem too less a time frame to accomplish anything, these days. I need more time in a day. At least 24 more hours. Seriously!
  9. Mosquitoes are by far the worst insects in the world. Bloody &$#^&&^&^(*^&*(. I think they’re the ones who need to be annihilated asap! And Goodknight is not very brave or capable; and All Out really goes all out of power in front of these stupid blood suckers! Grrrr.
  10. Pumbaa is extremely intelligent πŸ˜‰ he understands every single thing we say. Say “chaya/bikket” and he’ll go straight to his plate and searches for it. Ask him where his “toy” is, and he’ll search everywhere, find it and ready himself for a round of game.