…and I thought there was nothing as contagious as a smile!

C (Customer): Do you sell smiles?
SK (shopkeeper): Yes. But they’re quite costly.
C: Ah, not a problem! Please give a box of them to that lady there; it’s on me!
SK: Oh, sorry! You’re not the first to try…but I never have any that fits her!

So, does a smile cost a lot, really? Or, is it just a matter of no-size-fits-some?

Been wondering about this for a while now. There is this neighbour of mine, at whom I’ve smiled a million times — without fail, everytime, she turns around and hurries into her house.

Either its my buck teeth which she isn’t too impressed with; or her smiles are damn expensive and she knows I cannot afford one ever in my life!

Well, I’ve never bitched about her on her face (not even to other neighbours), never made faces at her, never tried to flirt with her husband, never tried to make her kid shoot her with his plastic gun…so I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why I get such a cold response to one little, innocent smile.

It’s been 9 months, now. But well, irrespective of all that, I still smile at her every single time.  It’s a simple principle I follow: It’s always there, right under my nose, and it costs me nothing! So, why forget it’s there?? Well, I believe there’s always a smile at the end of a 14-muscle stretch! 😉


P.S.: Well, to those whom it matters: I do not have buck teeth — I smiled at my maid’s kid today and she didn’t look scared…not a bit!)