what can we do NOW?

Saw this most disturbing video on Facebook. It was titled “Educational Video”, from PETA

And it left me almost puking. I could not see the whole thing. I had to close down! I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t take it.

So, I wonder how the animals do! While just the visual pain is so horrid, I wonder what the actual pain would be like. Their indifferent, lost expressions wrenched my heart loose and shattered it. I may sound poetic or whatever…but I can’t begin to tell you how disturbed I am 😥

Are those the hands of real, living human beings? Or are they machines? How can people not feel wretched doing this?

And all this for what? Wool, leather and fur? To wear around you in the name of fashion, comfort and status?

I know writing a looooong post on this does not aggravate or alliviate the misery I went through, seeing this. The best is for you to see it yourself. and then, share:


A couple of years back, I broke open an egg to make an omelette and saw blood on the yolk.Struck by depression, avid non-vegetarian that I was, turned chronic vegetarian that instant. Even though I knew my giving up on non-veg does not save all the chicken, fish, pig, cow, and what not, of this world, I still gave up on my craving. And, it felt good. I was beginning to get over it, but I guess this is a timely reminder for me as well. I go back to my veggie ways.

I know giving it up does not solve anything. Giving up on fur, wool and leather also does not stop it. There’s something else that we need to do.


P.S.: Puke, if you have to. But, I think you should all see this. At least, half way, like I did. If nothing else, itll make you happy to know you’re actually being tortured by the indifference; and not torturing with indifference.