I Finished it to Win these ;)

Like I wrote here, I had also participated in CB‘s story-finishing contest – Finish it to win it. I finished it to win…these following awards. Well, my story was so lame, but I had fun participating, writing, commenting and then commenting again on the first prize winner’s post 😀

Here’s the link to the first half of the story. And here’s what I wrote, the second half 😀 Bear with me (and the story).

And here are what CB gave!!! Yey!

For participating...and writing a story 😉

...and for guessing who wrote which one 😉

21 thoughts on “I Finished it to Win these ;)

  1. Glad you put it up here. I guess these awards were presented to you all before I arrived for the ceremony. Congrats congrats ! hows ur gulf gate hair now after all the hair pulling Brat had to do ? 😀 😀 😀 😀


    • 😀 The main intent behind putting it up was to get the url, so i can post it on the side bar. After all that trouble, this damn this has no url i can use for the sidebar widget. Sigh!

      Yea…these were distributed before you came in. Else, the blue trophy would actually have been pink 😛 😛

      Thanks thanks 😉 Eda chekkaa…gelf gate heyer is verrry naice. Won’t be lwong before you haev to use it too: peeping into baathrooms will mayke you lose mwaar than just heyer 😀


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