In a mad man’s world

Scratches and dents, pain and loss;
Anger, shock and revenge after a pause.
Irritation, frustration and pent up rage;
Hatred, disbelief, plans of a war to wage.
Some of life’s surprises leave us appalled
When we live in a mad man’s world!

P.S.: Loooong post ahead.


July 3, 2010: The Grande Punto came home.


July 10, 2010: Punto gets its first deep scratch across the bonnet and on the side, near the left rear view mirror.

*we send swears at the ever-irritating passers-by who can’t bear to see a spotless car in town*


October 1, 2010: Punto gets a new scratch on the front left door.

*devil be on you, you horrid passer-by*


October 2, 2010: Punto gets a new scratch on the bonnet again.

*why us, why why why?*


October 3, 2010: Two of our plants are broken off and thrown into our compound.

*now, one needs no rocket science to figure out this is no passer-by; it’s someone with a malicious intent*


October 4, 2010: We install a web-cam to video record our cars and who/what’s damaging it. We see the following footage the next day morning…and we are shocked!


This was at approximately 5.18 a.m.

This was at approximately 5.18 a.m. That’s him bending the antenna of dad’s car, the Alto. And he scratches on the bonnet…but since there’s nothing sharp with him, there’s minimal damage. So he goes back to his house and returns 10 minutes later.


And then, again, at 5.26 a.m, he returns with his car key, scratches our car, and returns to his car.


Since the web-cam was installed on the second floor, the face is not clear, though we can clearly make out who it is. But, as ‘evidence’, this will not pass. So, we decide to wait it out another day and install it again that night.We buy one more cam and install them both at two different spots.

We see this the next morning…again, done at approximately 5.20 a.m. He comes out of his house, throws waste into our compound and goes back. On the way back, he changes his decision and comes back to dad’s Alto and bends the antenna again and makes it an ‘Z’. You can see him only through the car window here since our kitchen window blocked view.


One more plant attacked.

We call in our house owner and detail the incident, showingΒ  him the footage. We have a couple of hours’ discussions, along with a friend of his who stays close by. They take a look at our cars — the Punto and the Alto — all the while, talking loudly on the road. The house owner tells us to approach the Residents’ Association before going to the law. The Association President is out of town for 3 days…so we wait again. But the web-cam runs everyday. And gives us more and more evidence everyday.


We see this the next day, done again at approx. 5.30 a.m. Here again, he is on his way after damagin another plant, and scratches the back door of the Punto.


And the next day…at approx. 4.50 a.m., on his way back after parking his car at a safe spot, putting his hand in through our gate and breaking off two of my Christmas trees!


And the next…at approx. 5.45 a.m. Here he scratches the back door of the Alto and moves to the boot. We found two deep scratches on the boot in the morning.


It’s October 13, 2010 that day. That’s all we are willing to wait. There are now 7 scratches on the Punto; the Alto has suffered multiple scratches all around, plus one bent antenna now resembling an ‘Z’. I’ve lost 7 of my plants.

We have to nail the a*s*o*e asap, before he annihilates all our plants…and the cars! We know who it is…and we decided to make sure the entire locality know who it is. It’s our neighbour, Mr Govindaraju, who lives at #196, 5th cross, S.T. Bed, Koramangala 4th Block. Bloody &^#@%*)(^%#@%&*)(&&$$#@%^&( !!!


Flash back to Feb, March, April, May, June…

We rented this house out in February 2010. We had a Pulsar and a Matiz, then. The neighbour [who lives on the other side of the road, and has ample parking space for the bike inside his compound, and for the car on his side of the road] always insisted on parking his car and bike on our side of the road, or even on the footpath adjoining our compound wall. We never complained (though we should have).

Ours is a corner house, so we get two sides of the house to park our vehicles against. We decided to let him park there, while we parked on the other side. In April 2010, dad and mom shifted to Bangalore. Which added an Alto to the family. Only one car can be parked on the other side of the house…and that’s where the Matiz rested. So, the Alto took the other side, always cringing for space after the neighbour’s Maruti 800. We never complained (though we should have).

We could see how possessive he was of his vehicles. Even if dad parks his Alto a bit further towards where he parks, the minute dad drives off to some place, he’ll rush out and re-claim his spot!And when the Alto and Maruti were parked bumper to bumper, with barely enough space for one person to fit in between, he’d park his bike in that weeny bit of a space, mostly kissing the Alto’s bumper. We never complained (though we should have).

When the Punto came home, we decided to talk to him and claim the space…but we didn’t; till July 9th, about a week after the Punto came.


Flash back to July 9, 2010.

The husband had gone ot office in the new car that day, the next day being a second Saturday, a holiday. When he reaches home, we see our neighbour’s car parked in front of our house, and his bika also parked behind it, lengthwise, leaving no space for our Punto or for Dad’s Alto. Owing to lack of space, Dad had parked his Alto where we used to park the Punto. When the husband came back, he saw the bike parked lengthwise behind the Maruti, leaving no space anywhere for his car.

He parked it in front of our gate, walked over to the neighbour’s house and requested him to “please remove your car from there, I need to park mine.” The man came out and took away the bike. To put an end to this drama, the husband again told him “we have two cars now, and we need to park them here…so please park your car on your side of the house”. The man said he’ll do it later, to which the husband insisted he do it “now”. So he said he misplaced the keys and couldn’t do it then. The husband then got a bit irritated and said “No Sir, you’ll have to do it right away. I need to park my car.” And that’s when the man began yelling at the husband, saying “I’ll do what I want…let me see what you’ll do. Who are you to come here and talk to me like this…” and tried to slam the door on his face. The husband put a foot between the door and said “Now. I want your car removed from that spot now, because I have to park my car.” The man screamed the daylights out of the husband and refused to do it. The husband came back seething.

I reached home late that day, and when the husband narrated this to me, I scolded him, saying you needn’t have made this an issue…I’d have approached them differently and all that. I guess he was really hurt that I didn’t support him. [Today, I regret having scolded him!] We decided not to spend a single moment talking to such low people and forgot the issue there. My dad took the Alto back to kiss the Maruti, and the Punto was parked on the other side, beneath the tree.

The next day, we saw a deep scratch on te bonnet of our Punto. We thought it was a passer-by and cursed him/her.


Fast-forward to September 29, 2010.

On my way to office, another neighbour of mine called me in and told me that the spot we parked the Punto at wasn’t very safe. Apparently, the tenants who lived here earlier had bought a new car, and used to park it there. One day, a dry branch broke off the tree and crashed on to the windshield. She suggested we park both our cars on the other side itself. And then I told her that this man parks his car there, and he’ll fight for the spot. To which she rightly said ‘that isn’t his private property, so h can’t say anything”.

And then onwards, we began parking our car there. The Maruti automatically moved to his side of the road…and we were happy for the absence of any more quarrels. Until the scratches began appearing.

So, that was it. All for the loss of a parking spot, he began damaging our cars!!! he wakes up at 5 everyday, plucks flowers from all over the place, and then washes the front of her house…the footpath and in front of the gate. And recently, he’s added two more items to his daily routine: damaging our plants on the way back from flower plucking…and then parking his car near the Park (his idea of a safe spot, away from the busy road) and on his way back, damaging our cars before he begins the sweeping and mopping.

We accompanied the President, Vice-President and Secretary of the Residents’ Association and went to his place to interrogate. Only his wife was there then. She said since the husband shouted at him three months back, they bot had no affection for us. That a youngster being rude to a senior citizen is wrong, not acceptable, etc. That’s when we showed her the clippings…asking her if these were acceptable. She was shocked: she couldn’t believe her “senior citizen’ husband was capable of such cheap, underhand tactics. She apologised profusely and looked shattered!

Then he came in. He saw us sitting in his house, with the hot shots of the residents’ Association committee. And he gave us all a weird smile. The President asked him what was the issue between him and us. And his reply shocked us all: “What problem Sir? I have no problem. He is like my son…i like him a lot. I’m like his father. What problem sir!?” Am sure we all felt pity and scorn for him. I am unsure what the wife went through at that poor show show of fake emotions and affection! That’s when they told him about the ‘evidence’ and showed him the first clipping. He was looking at himself walking across the road and damaging the Alto’s antenna. I wonder what he went through at that moment. Well, we were all waiting with bated breath…when he said “no Sir, this is not me. Why would I do it? Why? I’m not that kind of a person at all”.

And for the next 3 hours, he kept repeating that “this horrid boy, like a Hitler, stood at my door and yelled at me”… He kept on saying that for at least 25 times (I’m NOT exaggerating here). He refused all logic and sense, and blatantly refused to accept blame. In spite of showing him these videos, he confidently said it’s not him. We were all surprised. We put in our demand then: he had to compensate for the damage he caused. He agreed…and how!? By taking out two Rs 500 notes and offering it to the husband, and when refused, to everyone else assembled there. We rephrased our demand then: get our cars repainted. If he thought he could cover it up with Rs 1000, he could think again. We said we’ll take both cars to the service station and get an estimate of the repairs to be done…and give the bill to him.


He’ll pay for his sins!

We took the Punto to the service station and took an estimate: two doors, the bonnet and the area between the doors and bonnet. Repainting costs Rs 17,000 + taxes. About Rs 20,000.
We took the Alto to a local workshop and took an estimate: all around the car + one antenna.
Repainting + repair costs Rs 12,350. [If it were at a service station, easily ass about 3-5k]

The friendly neighbour’s total expense: MINIMUM Rs 30,000.

If he wanted it cheaper, he should’ve bought himself a blackboard and some chalk to practice drawing lessons! A*s*o*e!

Today is when he’ll get the bills from he Association President (we’ll hand it over to him to do the honours). Even if this freak gets a heart attack on seeing the ‘fruits’ of what he sowed, I wouldn’t care. I’ll make sure he pays up every single penny!


The mental torture he put us through for about 10 days can’t be explained! We lost sleep, concentration at work, peace, appetite… Every time I see my plants, I can feel the hatred rising…and all I wanna do is make his life miserable forever. I keep thinking I should just forget and forgive, but I guess for once, I WONT do that. I DESPISE people who hurt others without any provocation.

If it had been done in a moment of anger, we would’ve understood: that’s human nature. But for a tiff that happened 3 months back, if he decided to plan and execute a cheap revenge 3 months later, he better pay for it. Others can ‘plan’ too.


I’ve always hated Bangalore; and this event just adds one more to the list of “Why”s. But if the freak thinks we’re going to run away from here, he can think again. I’m going to invest in a CCTV, no matter how much it’ll cost me. We’ll live here and monitor him constantly. I’ll make sure he doesn’t trouble us (or anyone else, for that matter) ever again. If this is a psychological problem of his, like a neighbour mentioned, he should either be locked up…or beaten up till his senses come back! I have no sympathy for such miserable people!

Feels good to have vented this out; but it hasn’t taken away all my anger. I’m saving some for him!


P.S.: I had been completely caught up in this…and was sooooo not able to blog. The only solace and comfort were reading all your blogs and forgetting this mad man for a few minutes every time one of you posted something. Thanks a ton for that, folks!

(On a lighter note.) In the midst of all this torture is when Vimmuuu calls a dozen times a day to ask his silly questions πŸ˜€ So, I HAD to put up that post on his questions (yes, Vimmuuu, I found time for that. I had to! :D)

102 thoughts on “In a mad man’s world

  1. Holy God !!! Priya, thats damn cheap of that guy to do all these things…he is mentally retarded is my guess.

    But this mentality is there everywhere….ppl dont want to see a new car, without any scratches or dents…for the past one year, we are suffering from it….everytime some guy walks past our car, he scratches it with his nail….such cheap thinking ppl, I tell you.

    But u and ur husband are damn brave…to have collected evidence before approaching him with the office bearers. Good job done.

    Make that idiot pay the bill…how dare he not pay ???? Actually u can contact the police too.


      • @clestialrays
        We thought we’ll first approach him the normal way; if he insists on not paying up, he’ll find himself at the police station. Also, Keralites againsta Kannadiga going to the Karnataka Police won’t be easy! So, thought we’ll reserve that for the last resort.


    • Yes, Uma. That’s damn cheap. And i guess that’s what he is: a cheapo! None of the enighbours, even old timers, like him. They all say he’s got some psychological problem. but I think he just needs some really good rounds of beating up! If he’s psychologically unwell, he shud be treated. Not let loose like this!

      That mentality is there everywhere…and like one of my friends once said, if they had a better mind, they’d be inside a car of their own, and not outside scratching it!

      thanks Uma…but I must tell you, it’s been brain draining…literally. And everytime i see my car and the broken plants, the fury rises again!

      We will definitely make him pay! He should know that such cheap actions come at a price.

      We thought we’ll first approach him the normal way; if he insists on not paying up, he’ll find himself at the police station.


  2. OMG!
    Such hatred! These people should feature as a main article of a newspaper. That should teach them!

    Gah! Reading this and watching those videos has me so angry, I can’t begin to imagine your plight! But I am in complete admiration of how your family handled it.

    Hugs dear…


  3. Priya,

    Couldn’t belive this,..Any way u n suraj did a wonderful job…
    That as.h.le #@!!$@#$ should have been taken to law..
    The only one think i felt pity was about his wife…
    Can imagine how she must have felt like…
    As u said make him pay even the last penny of Rs 30,000
    He deserves more….

    Congtrats Suraj N Priya…


  4. That guy is psycho!!! What in the world?! I couldn’t believe my eyes…we suspect such things but never think it actually happens. It was a smart idea to put up the cameras. I cannot believe the guy’s gall to deny it was him! Let him pay. Literally. Take care…


  5. Grrrr Priya this is not the way to treat him… my god u left this guy without doing anything.. cheee.. Before talking Major mukinittu oru idi kodutiitu vennam samsarikkan… This is one of the zillion reasons i hate bangalore. almost similar incident happend at my place (jeevanbhima nagar) daily ravile nokumpol tyre kattilla.. mirror illa, vandi kandal aakri kachavada karu polum edukatha sthiti aaki… later annu arije.. avide aduthulla oru workshopile allkaranu cheyune …ravile avarude workshopil vannu shari akkan… oro divasavum mari mari oro vandi.. oneday ellavarum kudi pidichu.. naan nere poyi mookinittu koduthu ,pittenu workshopil poyi ellam avane kondu thane shari aakichu..

    video kandapol Udanayanu taaram ormavannu..:) pora ithra koduthal pora.. nattikkanam… you tube linkil blogpost discription aayi koduku his name phone numberum…ennittu ellvarkum aayikam…


  6. OMG . That was one helluva post.. A Psycho for sure .. I could get from this post how frustrated you would have been… looking at the video reminded me of the news channels who would post those spy camera videos that they used to telecast ..
    Anyways …three cheers for finding out the culprit . πŸ™‚ .. way to go lady !! .. go to Court if it isn’t a big trouble for you .. get the damage costs refunded .. and put him in an asylum. .


  7. OMG . That was one helluva post.. A Psycho for sure .. I could get from this post how frustrated you would have been… looking at the video reminded me of the news channels who would post those spy camera videos that they used to telecast ..
    Anyways …three cheers for finding out the culprit . πŸ™‚ .. way to go lady !! .. go to Court if it isn’t a big trouble for you .. get the damage costs refunded .. and put him in an asylum. .


  8. That guy is lunatic. Which sane person can do that? If i were you I would have night watches catch him red handed and give him a tight slap. The camera Idea was good too. You guys report this to cops… he wont learn a lesson other wise.


    • Welcome to AlphabetWorld! πŸ™‚
      He really deserves some tight slaps. But well, if we do that rigfht away, there it will end. He won’t compensate. And well, we definitely will give him a lot of publicity for his stunts. As a first step, we’ve shown this to every single house in the locality!

      nd his house is a 3 storeyed building, of which 2 are rented out to paying guests. I’m planning to make some copies and give them all a CD each! πŸ™‚ Every PG should know about her House Owner! πŸ˜€


    • He won’t realise anything, Pooj. He’s a retard, am sure! but i’m sorry for his wife…she’s shell shocked. But well, i dont care what she goes thru. That’s what she’ll have to pay, for letting loose a psycho like him.

      Yea…blore is really getting weird !


  9. WTF sorry to use such language but that is pathetic wht he has done.. GOD how did you show so much patience with him, I would have taken my hockey stick and wacked him straight away ..
    you shud have taken him to the police station too, the amount of money is not small..

    I can understand I bought a brand new car and it got a scratch and it kills you …

    I cant beelive people are so bloody pathetic… I wish this was uk or where i lived in india i would have offered to come and sort this idiot of a man… such shabbiness and shallowness
    I cant beleive an adult doing this at this age … really sorry to have seen I can understand what you went through

    its the mental tension and i know how it feels, I see it almost every other day on the roads here and have to deal with it fully know the effect it has on families

    I hope he pays the money now , i would suggest you sue him for mental torture also , bloody idiot saying husband is like a son to him, you should have slapped him fathers dont do this to kids …

    I better pen off otherwise a lot of colourful punjabi vocabulary is DIEING to burst out for him…



    • Yea…we will take him to the cops if he doesn’t pay up. Let’s first see what he says to the bill.

      Thanks for the offer. I’d have loved to have you and your hockey stick here πŸ˜‰

      LOL. Pls come out with the punjabi vocab πŸ˜€ i’ll write them all down, translate it to kannada and put it in his mailbox πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


      • he he he he you dont want to listen to the punjabi vocabulary πŸ™‚ but next time i come to india .. and am in bangalore hockey stick always there for you to use.. just show the house and leave the rest πŸ™‚ he hehe he

        cant beleive such pathetic people still, i was talking to a friend here and he had the same view, wish the indian police was like here I would have arrested him straightaway and taken him to task … what more proof do you need .. he better pay the billl


  10. Gosh.. no words really..

    u r brave.. cams n all,taking evidence. I am sure it required a hell lot of patience watching and shooting him do that with your car and plants..

    This guy should be taught a nice lesson.

    Het the bl**** sh** out of him… sry but the videos make one angry..


  11. Sorry for the language, but I am disgusted looking at these videos, tell me where this b$stard stays, I will come and deal with him the right way, no use of talking to this uncivilized kunt piece of misery’s.



  12. While there’s no way this psycho (and many like him) should be spared, unfortunately, this is one of the side-effects of urban congestion and misplaced frustration. Strangely though, I’ve heard of such strange incidents, more often than not, from Bangalore and to my mind, there seems to be a strong positive correlation between the systemic resentment among the people – especially, the natives – and incidents such as these. I’m not sure if such happenings are on a downward trend, but surely, what you have here is a way to get madmen (such as this fella) to book! Hopefully, the social stigma caused by this exposΓ© will prevent something like this from happening again.



    • Welcome to AlphabetWorld! πŸ™‚

      I agree completely. The reactions and responses of the natives here to outsiders are pathetic in most cases. it’s like we’re the British having come again to take their land and power away!

      I hope this spreads enough awareness to all those who’ve been suffering in silence: next time, find out who does it and teach them a lesson. One person’s loss is a loss always for just that one person. Make sure the one causing it realises it’s not something they can get away with!


      • True. I went through that wondrous experience of feeling like a stranger in a strange land first hand. While something of this sort goes against the grain of rational thinking, I find it disturbing to note that such sentiments are increasingly becoming the trend across the board: Marathi Manoos, hatred towards non-Kannadigas, hostile agitations for the separation of Telangana – all of them stem of the same common theme of general resentment and suppressed malevolence.

        While what I’m talking about is more mainstream, it is the more subtler form of this trend that one witnesses in incidents such as car vandalism, being short-changed by an auto driver, irrational rental agreements and the likes. Sometimes, I wonder where we’re going from here. Maybe, just stepping up to the situation and acting might help, maybe not.


  13. You know, I read a book recently called History of Hate by Kanishka Gupta which deals with bitter frustrated souls who go about damaging peoples cars in the neighborhood and also other people’s properties. I did not know that such bitter people exist …. well now I do. I think I owe Kansihka an apology for thinking the characters were far fetched


  14. Sorry for Punto & Alto, are the brothers? he.. he.. he.. ho.. ho..

    Very sad, kick that a * s O L.

    “I’ve always hated Bangalore” Get out from here, Bangalore is given you job, place etc. ha… ha… ha…

    If you are able to meet him next time say S.P. Ranga Reddy, will kick his a SS.

    Punto & Alto get well soon 😦


    • Grrr….bad comedy timing, Pandu πŸ˜›

      Blore has given me work, but it’s given me more headaches and irritation than any other place! πŸ˜›

      Hehe…who’s tht? Just an extension of your name? Or a real SP? πŸ˜€


  15. OMG !!!! lunatic,Psycho,mad,retard,crazy…
    This guy really doesn’t fall under the ‘normal’ category.
    Kudos to the way you guys are handling the situation…
    Just curious, doesnt he have a family-wife n kids??


    • Yea…all that and more.
      Thanks. brain drain happening, though!!!
      He has…a son who’s a hot shot in Infosys, wife who works for Lokayukta, an org that fights corruption (and he thinks all the police in karnataka are in his pocket) and a daughter married to some hotshot in Chennai who has a fancy advocate as a close in-law (which explains his balls to say “i’ll deal with it”).


  16. Oh Shucks!!!
    What a senile old B*****d..!!!
    I am shocked….He needs a proper kicking to bring him to his senses..
    You guys should go to the cops..n also don’t forget to scratch up his car 100 time over, right in front of him…
    the residents welfare assco. should permit you to do it.
    Good work installing the web cam n all…Hope you get your compensation.


    • Welcome to AlphabetWorld! πŸ™‚
      Yes…that’s exactly what he is…and exactly what he needs.
      Yea…an obsessed-with-my-car freak like him shud know…if even a leaf falls on it, he’ll quickly run out, throw if off and wipe his car all over.
      Thanks…we hope so too!


  17. Oh you smart lady!! tell me, tell me that the idea of putting the camera was yours :mrgreen: God he woke up at such an unearthly hour to scratch and reshape things?? His wife should get him a pole inside the house to scratch off his damn itching brains!! 😑 If he doesn’t pay up go to the police. Don’t let him off the hook and it will also serve as a lesson to other pestering maniacs.

    Ps: psst psst I hope you have installed a camera in that house you have rented out to a certain half loose person I know πŸ˜‰ Ohh the delightful videos we will get to see :mrgreen:


    • Hehehe…of course, Saksh! πŸ˜€
      Yea…unearthly ppl wake up at unearthly hours to do unearly stuff to earthly people.

      Oh no…no letting him off. they tried the “senior citizen” and “young blood” crap on us…but we were real stoics! πŸ˜€

      Damn. NOW i think of it….sshe…guess i still have a chance…before he gets a net connection and reads all this πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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  19. I believe your story completely. I have had a neighbour like that for years in Kerala….and guess what? He was (is) my mother’s sister’s husband. * smirk * I guess you dont need me to explain the beauty of the relationship between our family and theirs right?
    Scratching our name plates on the walls, breaking off paint,plants, etc etc. were his tricks. And then he’d pretend to be innocent. Exactly this tatic. And in those days the spy cam wasnt so prevalent hence we had no proof, yet we knew it was him.
    It several years of fight and a final court order to restrain that ba****d. But well worth the peace…

    Sorry to post so late…had seen ur post earlier but wanted to comment in peace after reading it thoroughly…


  20. I would have a car when you have a parking place else..have no car…i want the government to impose a 50k fine for parking it on the road, then this would not have happened.

    I am a house owner in Bangalore, it is really pissing of when you people pointlessly buy car and get into mess and post on the net. cause trouble for all the owners.


    • Dear House Owner In Bangalore!

      I’ve not heard anything as STUPID as your logic here, in recent times. The road, in case you don’t know, is MEANT for vehicles. If you or someone dear to you have a car accident on the road, against a bus, will you still say “i want the government to ban buses on the road and impose a 50k fine for people travelling by cars on the road, then this would not have happened.” ????

      And no one pointlessly buy cars. People buy it to travel in. Do you have a vehicle? If no, then that explains this attitude/feeling: you’re just jealous. If yes, then i wonder what was the “pointless” moment you were in when you bought it.

      “get into mess and post on the net. cause trouble for all the owners.” ?? What mess did this post get you into? Are you one of those house owners who have built up one of those match-box-converted houses and rent it our at a “heavenly” rate? Are you afraid people would read my post and think twice about renting your house? Our house owner is a wonderful person and did not feel he got into any trouble. You’re just the wrong type.

      Either ways, this is NOT about “parking on the road”. This is about a psycho who took revenge on us by disfiguring it. Also, since the plants were inside the gate, do you think I should have planted them on the road, because that’s where plants belong??? Or is gardening a sin? Did you even read the complete thing before opening your stupid mouth!?

      Shut the f*** up when you have nothing valid to say. And don’t bother responding to this, because I shall spam you then. I approved this comment not because there was value in it, but because I wanted all my other readers to know how baseless a viewpoint you have!!!!


  21. you surely know how to talk a lot of non sense …
    i have a car and i have a parking place and i stay 3 houses away from your house.

    oh the plants is there ill park next to it..the next person ho a car is there ill park there..and goes on…

    If a bus bangs into my car i have insurance to claim.

    Government provides public transport called buses. you surely have a nice attitude.

    own a house in Bangalore and when people like you park in front of your house you will know.

    Learn to adjust not crib you still have your car.
    That old man scratched the car deal it and you have dealt well.
    Y so much anger.


  22. i have a million scratch on my car.. if i wr to put so of my anger like you i would have gone mad.

    I am just saying chill out. Relax there is more wrong in the world then people who scratch.
    Guess he is big time J of your car.

    In the past 15 years of my stay in S.T.Bed i have never seen a neighbor who is nice.

    all the best.


    • Each to his own.
      There is more wrong in the world, i agree. but it does not help to add to the list, does it!?
      He can be big time J, K, or F. i dont care. I did not spend 6lakhs for him to start drawing classes. And now, it’ll cost us another 30k.

      He’s an A****** and that’s that. No one has any right to vandalise other people’s property, no matter what emotion he/she has.

      If i’d been equally bad to him, fine. But he had no provocation to do this. And i’m not the kind who lets wrong doers NOT understand their mistake!!!

      Am justa normal human being who reacts to injustice and uncalled for behaviour. And I’m not ashamed of that. Someday, he will pay.


  23. hey…maybe someone should scratch this “house-owners” dear car. just because he has parked it inside his walls doesn’t mean that it still should NOT be scratched. your garden was inside your walls when they were destroyed, right? i don’t think gentle “house-owner” would crib much for the designs that may appear on his car.

    hey world, anyone wanna try??!!


    • I guess S.T. Bed is such a lovely neighbourhood. Everyone seems to really love each other!

      Oh, I don’t think you need to egg anyone on, Judas πŸ˜‰ Give our Honorable Govindaraju a hint. He’d gleefully do it. The car-wrecking devil must be hungry these days, now that he knows he cant come near our car without being caught on cam!!!


  24. actually i have had a person who stayed in my place who had scratched my car every time he used to take his bike out. I dint make a big deal out of it.

    I am really curious of wr this is going


  25. If you want to know some thing more. that old mans wife i think is a retired SP.
    So no point in going to cops and wasting time.
    So i suggest you put your near the park..solves every thing. Or speak to thomas uncle(ford fiesta owner) and mena aunty(accent and santro) both are mallus they should let you park the car there.


    • I don’t care if that female is the president of India.
      And for YOUR info, she’s NOT a retired SP. She’s just CLERK in the Lokayukta: an institution that fights corruption! No wonder our govt is gone to the dogs…she doesnt know what her organisation works for…and is ready to get policemen fight in her favour against false allegations!!!!

      And no, I don’t want to park my car in anybody else’s house. There’s ample space in front of mine, and I’ll park it there. BUT it’s not for any &*%%^(*&^% to ruin it!

      I wish people in that area had more guts to fight injustice, instead of watching things happen to them and suffer in silence!Everyone’s scared. Everyone! Of that ass… for what reason, I don’t know!

      He creates problem for EVERY single resident there…and scares them all off if they complain, saying he’s got all the policemen in Karnataka in his pocket. Wel,HE DOES NOT! He’s just a ^$%^%*&(* who’s too scared to do anything in broad daylight, so he does it while the rest of the world sleeps! &$%(*(&$% like him DO NOT scare us.


  26. “She’s just a CLERK in the Lokayukta” , a clerk I doubt any way if it is ha ha ha.

    It is not about being scared it is about the long process.

    which will lead to more pain than now.

    Just step out and relax in years he will understand.

    Recording 100’s of videos is also point less . it will not be accepted as evidence, another Indian stupid law.


    • Oh of course she’s just a clerk. He just makes it sound like she’s a high ranking official to make sure everyone’s scared of him and suffers his antics in silence.

      You know? It’s this attitude that’s the problem. Everyone has always kept quiet where this guy is concerned. Which is exactly why he feels like he’s the king. he tried it on us too…that the police is in his hands. we told him to go tell it to people who’ll believe him. And that shut him up.

      He wont understand in years! He’s been doing this for years…so, no chance!
      He’s been nothing but a headache to most people who are his immediate “neighbours”.
      – He throws waste into all the houses near his!
      – He steals water from the neighbouring house when they go out of town.
      – He plays loud music and disturbs the ppl in the next house.
      – Even every PG girl who leaves his house gets into trouble with him since he never gives back their advance without creating headache fr them.
      So, this is his basic character, and we do not intent to let him load it on us.

      Insurance companies WILL accept these as evidence…but in this case, guess we’re too late. Because the association told us to hang on, it’s too late for us to go to th insurance with this. If we had done it th first day we got him on video, we’d have got reimbursed, and THEY would’ve taken him to task.

      Now, if you don’t mind my asking, how did you get to my blog?????


      • Hmmmm i like the last question.. Who is this person.. πŸ™‚
        and dont get carried away in a slanging match with this person…

        Why are you late with ur insurance claim, I dont think there is any time bound thing on insurance .. you can still go , you got a perfectly good reason

        and what this police SP so what if she is police SP, call some news channel give them the videos and see what happens, get them on to the media … fir they will come to know ….

        My friend from school his dad is DGP police .. if she is sp so what … πŸ™‚



        • My dad’s a retired Insurance person πŸ˜€ He knows it only too well…and since we waited for so long, there’s lass than 2% chances of them taking an action.

          Yea…i think I will put it on you tube and spread it around with the best possible tags…and make multiple copies on CDs and hand them over to all the PG girls staying at his place!

          He shud be glad it wasn’t you in my place. Now i know for sure the hockey stick would’ve been put to goooood use πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ you remind me of tht punjabi girl in chak de, with her hockey stick and all πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ She herself was damn strong. So, can only imagine when its an angry young man instead πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


  27. Hi Priya.

    my name is ganesh i work in position2 and i live 3 houses right of the old mans house.
    and i have a blue indica….thats it.

    i was wondering of the days when one idiot used to steel petrol from bike and i wanted to electrocute the bike to shock him before that i catch him .
    i told him about electrocuting and he shat loads…he was not scared of getting caught he was scared of the electrocuting…he he he he

    My mom and me have had hours of conversation on this old man…

    In their house they have PG cause they copied it from my mom may be they wr J of my mom making money.

    People can be cheap that is human nature. Any way after some years when you think back the whole thing you will have a laugh of you time.



    • So, you’re an ex-colleague. I guess that’s how you got access to my blog…through reynah? Shiju? How? Anyways, that’s immaterial.

      Don’t feel bad…but let me be very honest and blunt:
      β€œIf you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
      These aren’t my words. These were said by Bishop Desmond Tutu, an African Spiritual leader and Novelist. You may or may not agree, but it’s the truth.

      In case you’ve noticed, now that we created an issue and made him realise there are people who WILL fight him, he’s stopped coming to our side of the road… AND STOPPED throwing waste in front of our gate. He now does it to the house next to it. Why!? Because they wont have the guts or the patience to fight…and he knows it from years of experience.

      If you had electrocuted that petrol sucker then, he probably would never have done it. I guess wherever he’s living now, he still does it, maybe.

      “People can be cheap that is human nature.” Not really. Being cheap is not “human nature”. it’s the nature of a few cheapos. In spite of this old Ass**** doing all this to us, we did not do it back to his car…or throw waste in his house: we WERE NOT CHEAP…and we are humans too!

      I spoke to people of 5 houses nearby…showed them the videos…and ALL OF THEM had at least one example to tell us, where they had truble with this ass****. But NONE of them chose to make it an issue…and so he ruled. But since we made this an issue, he’s sober now — at least to us.
      Not responding to injustice is equivalent to accepting an encouraging it.

      This is no matter to smile away. And I COMPLETELY AGREE with what Bikram has said “yeah laugh and also a LIGHT pocket πŸ™‚ i bet that wud take the smile away then…” Years later, if I look back at this incident, I’d STILL wish I’d beat him up like pulp the very first day we caught him on cam instead of having waited for the association interfere: I’ll NEVER have a good laugh over it because I HATE injustice and I refuse to be a silent spectator and not object.


  28. The man’s mentally sick. He needs some “Get well soon” cards and some flowers (Gandhigiri πŸ˜‰ ) Just saying it to add a little humour. But seriously, if someone had done that to my vehicle, I’d make sure he’d face the wrath of my fury. how dare the son of a b**ch do that and then have the balls to deny it!

    Been reading your blog posts for quite a while.. haven’t commented anything as yet, but reading this one, I just couldn’t bear it. I’ve read the posts where you elaborated on how you bought your new punto and the excitement and all that and now reading this is just making me fume! the man’s got absolutely no civic sense, no shame and absolutely no balls. Lets see him come and display his artistic skills in broad daylight! His wife is someone great in the lokayukta? hahahaha.. loser needs to hide behind the pallu of his wife after all this wrongdoings?! what a pathetic life he has! now I’m seriously contemplating sending him a get well soon card πŸ™‚


    • Welcome to AlphabetWorld! πŸ™‚ (though you’ve been here since a while, I guess :))

      He’s a loser. A real, true blue LOSER. Yes…he wouldn’t have the guts to do anything in broad daylight! Why, just this morning at 5, he almost threw a bag of waste in front of our gate when my mom, who’d been waiting for that, threw open the door and glared at him. Apparently, he got a real shock and shot off three houses further away to deposit the “treasure”. *&^%(*%&^


  29. you surely are very angry …. “I HATE injustice and I refuse to be a silent spectator and not object.”

    I still stand by my first argument you staying in a house without parking lot and having 2 cars on street is kind of injustice right.

    In Chennai they have the rule implemented no parking space no car.
    They are going to do it soon here and the 50k what i told is not for joke that is a law in the pipe line.

    All this would not have happened if there was a parking place. (and there is no plant on the road it is just 4 inches) .
    Good that old man is silent now.

    Today the word “injustice” is more or less like a selfish term today. No one cares a dam, only the one in shit has to fight injustice.
    I guess you understand what is mean
    we could argue on this for ages.. i am bored of typing here. see ya


  30. Thanks for posting this…Just goes to show that CCTVs can be so effective even when put outside an American CopΒ΄s car …..Amazing job ….IMHO…the best place for such videos is the news channels who will literally beat living daylight out of this a#$h0le…

    I still canΒ΄t believe that ppl like these exist on the planet…I will definitely visit your neighborhood once to see him in flesh and bone….


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  32. Though its been a few months since u posted this, i feet like i hav 2 comment; Am literally pissed off with this guy. after seeing the video( d idea ws too gud :), enakku mandei ellam eriyuthu. If thats d case with me, i cn understand the mental torture that u ppl wud hv gone thro…And i’m very much sorry for ur hubby too. For a small scratch on mine ( and that too the fault being mine), i was moody for weeks 😦

    dis is d 1st time am seeing a criminal in real; d next time i come to blr, i wd definitely go there to see that guy in person; And am totally pissed off hearing that he’s gone scotfree…grrrrrrrrrr; May be u shud send these videos to Times now /CNN-IBN or atleast the local cable wallah, bt be ready to 4get ur privacy;

    Finally, I cud only think of a saying in tamil : “Dhushtanai kandaal dhoora vilagu”, literally “Runaway from Sinners” in english. And i hope, u wd hv moved away from that wretched neighbour;

    btw, ur goan travelogue is fantastic; i wonder hw i missed those places though i hv been there twice πŸ™‚

    – vip


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